Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Recent Dupes & Alternatives!

Lucy (sunnysidessue) here! f you haven't heard of Stardoll Dupes, it's when stardoll releases new items that look like re-coloured or very similar to previously released items.

I usually post these on my own blog, but with the UGLIES taking a break soon, I thought I would post one here instead and see how everyone likes it! If you enjoyed it and want to see more, make sure to leave a comment below.

I've included the dupes, compared them, and added alternative options. Hopefully, this might help you make better purchases in the future  - or at least give you something to think about!

New Vinyl:

Many dolls adored this collection - but it's hardly the most original we've seen.

Skirt - The BASICS is undeniably shorter, but also much cheaper, and personally I'm not fond of the only-slightly-worn hem look of the VINYL version.
Dress - The OF logo in the middle of the dress is frustrating, and both prices seem a little high for such a simple piece. The shading and shape are near-identical.
Shorts - The ROYALTY version are fractionally longer, and looser at the hem. But they are also much more detailed than their plainer counterparts. 


Evil Panda and Active both add interesting texture to their pieces, while Fudge switches in a graphic print and high neckline. The prices are similar, or competitive, with their VINYL counterparts too!


Sheer Shoes

It's a little difficult to see from this image, but all three shoes have clear toe straps, and the same colour base.

RIO - These shoes have the thinnest heel, and the most detailed straps. They're also the most expensive.
WOTW - With the thickest base and tallest heel, these are almost half the price of those in RIO.
SPECIAL OFFER - Sadly, these are no longer available, but they used to be free! 

There's definitely no lack of clear shoes on stardoll - the only reason I'm only including the Mules is because it was a bit difficult to get a screenshot where the others showed up on their white background! There's so many different shapes and styles, from boots to sandals, with options to suit every budget, right from 8sd to 30sd.


Canvas Backpacks

While not as close dupes as the previous items, these two are undeniably extremely similar in terms of shape, pockets, and colour.

TRAILS - This bag is much smaller, a slightly greener hue, and has a red detail the other bag lacks.
BASICS - Of course, spending starcoins can never go amiss. It's smaller, more monochrome, and has white straps as it's main points of difference.


Personally, I've always found Stardoll's bags - or lack thereof - to be one of the weakest parts of the plaza. That said, I did find these two bags, both of which stay withing the hand-held, practical, and grey colour family, while still providing a little twist of texture and interest.


Would you buy one, both, or neither of these dupes? I'd love to know!

 You can check out my previous dupes HERE and get scrolling!


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