Saturday, September 1, 2018

August Recap + Stardoll Is Down

Callie's Picks

With much of the collection being items Callie has ALREADY released in previous collections, few people were impressed, and absolutely no-one bothered to style it.

This collection was met with mixed reactions. Most praised the interesting perspective of the interior, but felt let down by the mis-match in graphic styles.

Lula made use of the pink palette for this room:

Two releases met with horror and disdain. Absolutely no-one wanted this collection, or the super-cheesy Callie Con freebies.

RlOT at least managed to make out some less-dramatic looks from this release.

Like most ACTIVE releases, people were generally happy with the Stardollar prices, and delighted by the inclusion of Starcoin items. This time, there was even the addition of a male outfit.

Last Chance Tributes

Of course, it wouldn't be the end of the Tribute season if the stores weren't leaving. This time, some left unexpectedly, with no notice, or instead remained available through the catalog long after the storefront vanished. Clearly, it's a bit glitchy.

Ranked as one of the most expensive Subcouture collections to date, many were underwhelmed by the theme, unimpressed with the graphics, and left disapointed overall.

lyssamax made an all-blue outfit:

Rio was met with mixed reviews - some praised the lace skirt, and the more laid-back vibe. Most dislike the store to begin with, and were less than impressed with the flat graphics and lack of a clear theme.

Andreababy05 rocked it up with the purple skirt:

It almost seems like Callie is back on schedule!  Once again, many of the items have been re-released before, and most were left feeling a little let-down by the very generic theme.

As is expected for the awards season, YH came at us with an interesting collections of red carpet outfits. The graphics once again were a mixed result, but the prices were kept decently low and the collection was large and varied enough to please most member tastes.


There was no newsletter, message, or explanation - just a sudden and unexpected sale, with an unknown end. Presumably, it was a clearout sale. Regardless, most of us bought far too many items we'll probably regret in the coming weeks!

Pearls Release

Pearls recieved largely positive reviews, with many praising the variety of items and the reasonable prices.

AvrilkaTH13 layered it up like a genius:

This collection was met with disappointment, disgust, surprise, and outright anger. 

But it's entirely our fault, since so many users keep on asking for more rares, and more releases  - I even wrote a blog post about it.

That Mystery Sale

Why was there a 50% off sale? Nobody knows! When did it start? When did it end? Why now? So many questions, and not one has been answered. But hey, at least we got some gosh darn good deals out of it!

Of course, it's not summer (in the North) without a Trails release. Most were bored by this collection's selection, and even less impressed with the unusual lack of stacoin items from this usually user-friendly brand.

safakyildizi layered the featured dress up:

Most felt like it was a rip-off of Voile, complete with over-inflated prices. The colour palette got a thumbs-up, as did the many of the details. The Phoebe blouse got the most praise and stylings, but at the same time, caused much displeasure due to the fact there's two ways to wear it and they must be bought separately.

And it wouldn't be a recap post without Lula buying up (almost) everything:


Millionaire Mansion

Most seemed decently please with the release, but so far, no-one has been using it because...

Stardoll is down.

Some members report outages for as long as 10 hours - and it's still ongoing. Feel free to join us on the Chat page to talk about it!

And, no, they haven't given any proper explanation - not before it happened, not during, not on social media, not in any emails, nada. Some people saw blog posts regarding 'maintenance,' but all I'm seeing is an error page, and ignored messages on Twitter and Facebook by concerned members.

Personally, I'd quite like to get back the day or so of SS that I paid for and am now completely missing out on, thank you very much. Not to mention, a proper pre-warning, say, via email the day before, or at the very least an explanation on social media if this continues to happen!

What did you like - or loathe - from this month? 


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