Friday, September 14, 2018

Miss Stardoll World 2018

Happy Friday everyone!

Stardoll literally exploded the MSW "bomb" just in a couple of hours today. We were just talking about the dates, and the store was out too.

So, we are having a new top-up offer, to "Get Ready for MSW", with 15% more stardollars on select packages.

And here you can see the store:
There is one new floor with 5 outfits. Prices range from 15 to 38 stardollars. There is no starcoin item, and no accesories. 

Some RLV's (Thanks to Lula): 

Do you like it? Are you going to run for MSW? 
Show, how you dress up for MSW! :) 

I would like to make something similar to what the girls did last year. First, please write your name if you would like to run, so that I can make a specific post about the details. 

Have a lovely weekend, JudyellaFairy

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