Sunday, September 9, 2018

Chat 9

Featured Comment:

From last week's poll, most people liked the chat how it is, but I have a few small changes.

First - If the chat page completely gets buried by new posts, I'll make a new one, but it will otherwise stay on Mondays.

Second - you can nominate a featured comment by commenting 'feature this' and tagging me (@passiveaggressivemarshmallow) HOWEVER! Only chat page comments can be featured AND You can only tag one comment each. There are no 'take backsies' - once you've tagged me, that's it, you've made your choice. I will chose between comments members have tagged, and the top 10 for the previous week. 

Third - I'll be doing a secondary poll next month, as more than half of our respondents were very strongly against celebrity-related comments. This is something that could be difficult to moderate. And, as weekly chats are still relatively new, I want to give some more time and gather more opinions on the matter, particularly given red carpet events often relate to stardoll releases. 

Forth - every post will include a link to the Chat rules - which you can find HERE.


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