Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wardrobe cleanout

Hi everyone!

I'm cleaning out closets of four side accounts and I'm giving you the opportunity to grab some cheap items ;) 

Basically, everything is priced 2 SC or 2 SD (depending on the item, of course). It works more or less like a regular sale on Stardoll - first to comment is the one that gets the item. 


I will post separate pictures in the comments - one for each account, and you should reply to those pictures with the items you'd like eg. E4, F5 etc. (limit is 5 items per account per day like Bazaar on Stardoll, so in total, you can reserve 20 items in one day).
Red-star items can be owned only one at the time (Stardoll rules) - if you own it already, you can't own another one.

If there's anything you'd like to know, just tag me in the comments and ask (I really hope I explained everything well enough)

Have a great day :)

(Please, don't judge 15-years-old-me for the usernames)

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