Sunday, June 4, 2017

Inspired by/RLV Team

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The following is the official RLV Team.


As I mentioned to a few of you. we use to have a blog dedicated to real versions. Now that I have more time, I want to bring it back.

If you like finding real life versions to items, we want you to be a part of our team. Just state in comments that you want to be included.

The members of this team will post their findings after each release in comments here, The link will be  at the top of the blog labeled RLV TEAM after .

Members of the team will also have access and be responsible for updating the Inspired By blog when able.

There will no longer be gifts given out for finding each real version, HOWEVER this is a paid gig.

As long as you participate at least once during the month, each member will receive 1 gift of choice for the month (max to be determined later. It will prob be $50sd but will depend on the number of people interested.) 

Of course you will also be credited for helping find those real life versions and your name will be listed on the sidebar as an RLV Team Member.

*Remember this is because you enjoy finding these items not for the prize.

 -While we still need the real life pictures, any items where Stardoll already lists the brand do not          count towards your participation for the month.
 - If we notice that you are only doing the minimum each month just to qualify for a gift, you may be    replaced.

Members are expected to....

~ be good at finding real life versions.
~ look for real versions after each release and post them in comments under the RLV TEAM page          link at the top of the blog.
~ update the Inspired by blog
~ work together as a team and harmoniously

Positions are limited, but I will rotate as people's schedules become too busy to participate.

I just want to say, we have such a great community of people here. Let's all continue to support each other in a positive manner....

*While only the RLV team should be posting real versions, please continue to post news and Stardoll info in chat so that it is easy for us to find. Thank you.

*Stay tuned tomorrow for OOTD changes. I know I have been MIA on these, but I appreciate those who participated despite being gifted and special thanks to Aonuk for doing those themes each weekend!

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