Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I was browsing through old posts and I thought how much things have changed over the years including my doll. I'm sure yours has too. So why not make a comp of it!

Choose an older pic of your doll/style. Use 1 of the main clothing items to re-create with your style now. See how much your fashion sense has evolved and changed.

I did a quick example. Almost all my old pics are gone, but I found this pic from 2009. This piece was kind of hard for me to do anything with, but you get the idea.

Some of you may even have some old pics right here on the blog! I know I saw some old, OLD pics of Nalco and _inda_. :)

If not possible in your album. Go back as far as you can and obviously you would have to still have 1 of the main items in the pic.

~Maybe you can't go back that far, but your style has changed so much since last year...then use that pic :).

~Be sure to label then and now and include your Stardoll name

~Ends Sunday June 11, 2017

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