Friday, June 16, 2017


This weekend's theme for OOTD is the Rose 

Here in the USA, it is National Rose Month besides being the birth flower Internationally. Also the symbol of love, beauty, war and politics, we will forget about the last two on the list. 

Different colors of Roses symbolize different things. Check the list below before you buy someone a bunch. You may be sending the wrong signals! 

Beautiful Rose Dresses to Inspire You!

Dress made from live flowers

Axel Rose from Guns-n-Roses

That last photo was just for eye candy!

Dress you doll in a outfit containing Roses. Use your imagination and create something unique.

 Love that dress made of Roses. Try something like that or include a Rose headpiece with your style.

 You can use other flowers and greenery also but you Must Have A Rose on your doll. 

Post your doll in the OOTD Topic for Saturday and Sunday located at the top of this Blog

Don't forget your Stardoll name and Date.

Have fun and remember if you enter both days you could win 50 Stardollars!

♥ Do not post your outfit here, please ♥


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