Friday, June 30, 2017


LE is out and it seems to be a bit of a modge podge of things that don't really cohesively go together as a collection. Regardless there are several nice things. Although if I have to rate it over all, I would say I'm a bit disappointed. I do love the men's Gucci sneakers though and wish they were for the girls. :(

So tell us what is your favorite item? What did you have to buy?!

Update: Giveaway closed. All items have been given out.

The first 5 (superstar only..sorry) people to post in comments about their review of the collection will be gifted if an item they want is still available. Make sure it is in your WL or I will skip you.

After that I MAY gift a few randomly depending on availability and time.

Style your favorite item from the new LE and post your pic in comments!

~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Ends Sunday July 2nd


It's based on how many enter...

15 or less $35sd
30 or less $50sd
more than 30 = $100sd
More than 50 = $200sd

Tell your friends!


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