Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Before we get to the winner, may I mention who my favorite book character is?  My doll is dressed as a female version of  Lestat from Interview With The Vampire. He is the handsome, suave, sophisticated vampire from the author Anne Rice. Not the horrendous movie Lestat played by Tom Cruise. The most miscast part I ever saw. And Brad Pitt as Louis, oh don't get me started. The movie The Queen of the Damned was her story also, but a much better read. I have read all of Ann Rice's books so if you like vampires, witches, mummies with a great story line give her a look. 

Okay, back to our winner. So many incredible entries. The winner chosen by 

The Famous Random Name Picker is JaneDoee83!

Two favorite books from my childhood, The Little Prince and Little Red Riding Hood. I am sure you read and enjoyed them as much as we did. JaneDoee83 please place an item in your Bazaar reserved for SMWPRIZES doll to receive your 50 Stardollar Prize. Please post here after you have done so. 

♥ Thanks to all who entered ♥


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