Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Callie's Picks 'Floral Flare' Released! + REVIEW

There is a new collection of Callie's Picks released and its theme is floral.
There is only one floor and prices range between 26 and 6 sd. There are 2 SC items. 

I'm a bit disappointed with this release after the previous which was amazing, this seems like a last minute 'let's put together a collection with minimal effort' release. Many of these items just recently left plaza, I would be more happy with bringing back older, 'long forgotten' clothes. 
Tipp: Compact Carpet bag and Anemone Ankle heels can be easily found in bazaar for SC!


Look 1
 Effortless Romantic featured Sheer Floral Dress // Inspired by Zimmermann 

Also includes: Gucci Oversized Blush earring, Tingeling Draped Fabric dress(SC item), Melbourne Minimalism Lace Bikini top, Dolce and Gabbana bag(SC item), Pretty n'Love Ruffle Heeled sandal
Total: 34 sd 

Look 2
By the Beach featuring Grey Bouquet Top // Inspired by Lanvin 
Also includes: Hotbuys Summer sunnies, Rio Supersized Rope earrings, CP Chainlink Belt(SC item), Balmain Snake Effect Cross Over belt, Lanvin Athena Mint skirt, CP White Crossover sandals
Total: 86 sd

Look 3
Sailor Song featured Dress Inspired By Miu Miu // Inspired By Ulyana Sergeenko
Also includes: Frills and Striped shirt, Voile Sea Creature brooch, LE Metallic Sphere earring(as brooch), LE Wide Silk belt, Chanel Tweede Boy bag, Riviera Gild Wire Frame sunglasses, Voile Lucite Chandelier mules(sc item)
Total: 120 sd 

What do you think of this release? Are you going to buy anything? 


The more people enter the more SD you can win! While I didn't got Jenna's seal of approval yet I think it'll be good to test it out first. (: There will be no fix prize but a goal: if 5 or more people enter, you can win 35 sd. If 10 or more people enter, you can win 50 sd. If 15 or more people enter you can win 100 sd! In this way i want you guys to encourage your stardoll friends to join our community. Your winning outfit has to feature at least 1 main item from this release, not including accessories!

Good luck and have a great time!

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