Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hotbuys Miu Miu Inspired Jewel Bag Released!

Hotbuys Miu Miu Jewel Bag was released recently. It costs 22 sd and you can find them in IT Girls or on the front page. 

The graphics are really great, possibly the best ones on this month's HBs, although the price is not as friendly. 

What do you think of this bag? Are you going to buy it? 

Real life version can be found HERE on the Inspired by Blog. 

Whoever posted the RL version first please tag me on that post and I'll gift it.

Style this HB to be included in our poll and win this item for free!
-Post pic in comments
-Don't forget your stardoll name
-Post your outfit on social media(instagram, facebook, twitter) and promote our blog
-Giveaway is open for a limited time only
-Number of entries must be at least 10 

Good luck!


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