Sunday, June 25, 2017


Today's Birthday Girl is JanaStarlite!

Jana has been on Stardoll for 7 years. An adult like myself, we have been friends since I joined in 2011. I have this photo in my Album from years ago. She also lives in Florida but we have never met in person. I would like to some day!

JanaStarlite is a wonderful person who will help out anyone she can and is one of the Judges of the competitions in this blog. She loves animals as there are some in almost every room. 

An avid collector of LE furniture and Art, she has some spectacular rooms with dynamite furniture. 

I placed some of her LE dress collection on the ceiling of one room so you can see some of her older pieces. Glad she left her closet open. You can look but she does not sell her things. 

My favorite is the blue room in the middle!

So please join me in wishing my friend, JanaStarlite, a Very Happy Birthday!

If you would like to visit her suite and write something nice in her Guestbook and maybe leave a gift that would be very kind of you but not mandatory. Jana's link is below.


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