Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hotbuys Miu Miu Inspired Jewel Bag Released!

Hotbuys Miu Miu Jewel Bag was released recently. It costs 22 sd and you can find them in IT Girls or on the front page. 

The graphics are really great, possibly the best ones on this month's HBs, although the price is not as friendly. 

What do you think of this bag? Are you going to buy it? 

Real life version can be found HERE on the Inspired by Blog. 

Whoever posted the RL version first please tag me on that post and I'll gift it.

Style this HB to be included in our poll and win this item for free!
-Post pic in comments
-Don't forget your stardoll name
-Post your outfit on social media(instagram, facebook, twitter) and promote our blog
-Giveaway is open for a limited time only
-Number of entries must be at least 10 

Good luck!



Today's Birthday Girl is JanaStarlite!

Jana has been on Stardoll for 7 years. An adult like myself, we have been friends since I joined in 2011. I have this photo in my Album from years ago. She also lives in Florida but we have never met in person. I would like to some day!

JanaStarlite is a wonderful person who will help out anyone she can and is one of the Judges of the competitions in this blog. She loves animals as there are some in almost every room. 

An avid collector of LE furniture and Art, she has some spectacular rooms with dynamite furniture. 

I placed some of her LE dress collection on the ceiling of one room so you can see some of her older pieces. Glad she left her closet open. You can look but she does not sell her things. 

My favorite is the blue room in the middle!

So please join me in wishing my friend, JanaStarlite, a Very Happy Birthday!

If you would like to visit her suite and write something nice in her Guestbook and maybe leave a gift that would be very kind of you but not mandatory. Jana's link is below.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Writer + Introducing Some New Contests

Hey, I am Roxanne Gonzalez (MissFoxyRoxy913), and I am a new writer here on Stardoll's Most Wanted! I am actually squealing like a little girl because for years I have been wanting to be a writer on this blog! Anyways, I will be hosting 2 different contests that can ultimately win you some awesome prizes! We are talking Superstar Memberships, Every single hotbuys of the month, stardollars, and free spots in future contests I hold! 

Let's get to talking about these mystery contests that I will host!

Wheel of Fortune

This game will allow the first 20 people to claim a spot a chance to win some awesome prizes I previously mentioned above like ; Superstar Memberships, Stardollars, and Hotbuys. More will be explained in the first official Wheel of Fortune posts! 

The next game is one I am excited for!

The Game of Luck is one that will take a few months to complete! In the beginning The Game of Luck will host a sign up, and whoever signs up in the specific amount of days we allow entries will have a chance to be apart of the Top 12-16 contestants. 
When we have those final contestants I will randomly draw names via random name pickers. Whoever does NOT have their named picked will be eliminated. Each week only 1-2 people will not be picked.
Don't worry, if you get eliminated you will still get a prize. (They get better the farther you make it).
The last medoll standing however will get...
500sd (or a 3 month superstar code)

SO, now that you have read the gist of things, go on and sign up for the first cycle by commenting down below! 

You MUST only enter 1 medoll
You MUST be an active member of SMW

Good Luck!


We are slowly approaching the end of this month. If you celebrate your birthday in the month of July and would like to have a TOPIC feature about you, please leave a comment below with your STARDOLL USERNAME and your BIRTHDATE.

To participate, you must be active on Stardoll and in this blog.

Friday, June 23, 2017


As many of you know, not that long ago I put a stop to rare giveaways because of someone selling something worth 2.5k stardollars very shortly after I gave it to them.

However, giveaways have always something I loved doing as you see with the HB giveaways etc.

So, today we will have FREEBIE FRIDAY!

I think these items are all things that are wanted and good prizes, but maybe not as valuable as the item mentioned above ;)

It is my hope and request that you enter with the intentions that you would actually like to have it. Everyone gets tired of things after awhile and I understand that..

Style an outfit from only FREEBIE items given by Stardoll (starpoint awards, holiday giveaways, get and buy's, SS gifts etc..). 

Use whatever you want. 
It can be clothing, decor, flowers... whatever. Be creative.

(I realize that not everyone has a lot of freebie items, depending on how long you have been on Stardoll, superstar/non-superstar etc... So to make it easier, you can accessorize with 
Starcoin items. Like shoes, bags, jewelry scarfs etc if necessary)

Post the pic in comments and list the items you used along with your Stardoll name.

open for a limited time

(Most items are LE! Good Luck!)



This weekend's Theme is Picnic in the Park!

Some countries are having beautiful weather this time of year. So let us get outside and enjoy it.

Dress your doll in an outfit for a lovely Picnic in the Park. You can be dressy with champagne and canapes or casual for a good old fashioned picnic with fried chicken, potato salad and jeans.

Post your doll in the OOTD Topic for Saturday and Sunday at the top of the Blog.

Don't forget your Stardoll name and the date.

Have fun and remember if you enter a Themed outfit on both days you could win 50 Stardollars!

♥ Do not post your outfits here, please ♥



Thursday, June 22, 2017


Today's challenge is to make a thrifty, yet still stylish outfit. 

We are looking for the best combination of a stylish at outfit at the cheapest price possible. So be thrifty but not so thrifty you're not stylish.

Sorry, no Starcoin items can be used and all items must be currently in Starplaza.

~Open for a limited time
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Be sure to list every item used and price. Plus include the total amount spent!

Prize: A shopping spree from the new Bonjour Bizou collection.

July Hotbuys Revealed!

Stardoll released next month's HB pieces in the Starblog.

What do you think? Are you excited to get your hands on these pieces?

Here are the real versions our team has come up with so far. Be sure to check out our
  Inspired By blog for our final list and better pictures.
If you recognize one of the new HB's that are not listed or think it's a different version.... feel free to share your thoughts/pic in comments.

Lilyhippo, JennyGu36, Peace_Oglory, CosimaSaskia, Anya-Samantha
Ashleybaby93, Orpul-is-me9, BravegirlAlways, FloralDelRey
JudyellaFairy, McKristi_Kenz and CoolRachael

New floor of Bonjour Bizou!

There is a new floor of Bonjour Bizou out in plaza. It's very pink.

Prices range between 23 and 8 sd. There are 2 starcoin items. 

What do you think of this release? Are you going to buy anything? 

Be sure to check out our Inspired By blog for our final list and better pictures.
Lilyhippo, JennyGu36, Peace_Oglory, CosimaSaskia, Anya-Samantha
Ashleybaby93, Orpul-is-me9, BravegirlAlways, FloralDelRey
JudyellaFairy, McKristi_Kenz and CoolRachael

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fever, Then & Now, Velvet Orchid, Wild Candy, Dare to Wear, Fantasy Hotel and HB Winners

Here are some of the winners for a few outstanding comps and giveaways. More results coming soon!

Please claim your prizes at my 
within 1 week.

Fever Comp:

Prize: $30sd

HB Loose Fit Denim Jacket Poll:

Prize: $50sd

HB Fendi Keychain Giveaway Winners:

Then and Now Winners:

1st place:
Prize: $100sd

Runner up:
Prize: $50sd

Velvet Orchid Winners:
Prize: $50sd

Honorable Mention: McKristi_Kenz
Prize: 1 gift of choice ($25sd or less)

Velvet Orchid Giveaway Winners:

Wild Candy Winners:

Prize: $35sd

Dare to Wear: Evil Panda Biker Vest Winner:

Prize: $50sd

HB Yohji Yamamoto Sunglasses Winner:

HB Front Bow Crop Top Giveaway Winners:

HB Denim Jersey Platform Winners:

HB Rock N Roll Tulle Denim Jacket 
Giveaway Winners:

Fantasy Hotel Comp:

Unfortunately this comp only received 7 entries and so I had to reduce the prize.

Prize: $35sd 

Pals Giveaway:

(only 1 entry sorry)

Special thanks to our judges for taking time to judge several of these comps!

 Vampirelady33, Charmingstar, Judith_25, MadDrumFairy, JanaStarlite, Mirdith, BravegirlAlways


This Weekend's Winner picked by Random Name Picker is . . .



 If you are Superstar, please place an item in your Bazaar reserved for SMWPRIZES doll to purchase for 50 Stardollars. If not, place one (1) item on your wishlist up to 50 Stardollars. Reply here when you have done so. 

Honorable Mention to booklover29 for her amazing floral dresses!
She wins 25 Stardollars for her effort and the Community's Favorite.
Someone Van Gogh Out With Me/booklover29 follow the above instructions to claim your prize.



So here is the challenge...

Fill up your WL. Make an outfit out of as many items on your list as you can (and still be stylish)! The outfits we like best will win a random WL shopping spree!

So make sure your WL's are up to date and there are things on there you really want!

Post the pic in comments

~Open for a limited period of time
~Don't forget your Stardoll name

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


If you haven't checked yet, the winners have been posted for Monday's theme contest. Now on to our next theme... It's TAG A FRIEND TUESDAY!

Simply enter either of our latest DARE TO WEAR flower crown OR Windows on the World comps, then TAG A FRIEND who would enter one of our comps as well.

You can do this in few ways.

PREFERRED WAY: Share our post on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag a few friends. Ask them to enter 1 of the comps mentioned above and state that you invited them.

You and your friend will automatically be included in a raffle to 
WIN 1 MONTH SUPERSTAR or $100sd if already SS.

ALTERNATE WAY: Make a Top Spot topic in your active Stardoll club or tell people about us in their Stardoll messages/guestbooks or on your Stardoll related blog!

BONUS: The more friends that enter our comps and say you invited them, the more entries you get and the better your chances to win.

(Please note these comps, however annoying are important to keep our blog afloat. Thank you for participating and giving back!)


Well, it's Tuesday and the new SS gift is out. 
It is the All Roses headband from MS.TQ. 
It's ok, but a beauty parlor item which I'm not too fond of.

Don't forget to grab it if you haven't already.

There are a lot of crowns on Stardoll. This trend has been around since Ancient Greece.

So, what do you think can you pull it off?

Let the All ROSES HEADBAND inspire you and style an outfit using this crown.

All entries will be included in our POLL.

Prize: $50sd
(Can increase or decrease depending on the number of entries)

~Open for a limited time
~Don't forget your Stardoll name

PLUS: If you enter this comp and participate in our TAG A FRIEND TUESDAY theme, you can be entered to win 1 MONTH SUPERSTAR!


The HB Metallic Peach Pumps are now in Starplaza. You can have these pumps for $18sd or $16 if you are Royalty.

The real version seems to be inspired by these Manolo Blahnik ones. 
Thanks CosimaSaskia. (Please place in WL)

What do you think of them? 
Will you be buying them?

Enter the TAG A FRIEND or The DARE TO WEAR FLOWER CROWN comp and you automatically qualify to be included in our raffle to get these for FREE! 

~Open for a limited time
~List your Stardoll name in comments along with the comp you entered.

Don't forget to keep checking out our Inspired By Blog for the latest real life versions.
Link in the menu at the top of blog!

New Windows on the World Released + Comp

We have a new store in starplaza and it's the annual shop Windows on the World, now 'inspired by Dubai.'

See real life versions HERE at our Inspired By blog
Prices range between 35 and 8 sd. There are no starcoin items. 

I'm glad stardoll decided to honor Eid and their muslim players again but I don't really like the carelessness they've put into this collection. Just because something is 'arab looking' it doesn't means it's automatically from Dubai which might be the only Middle Eastern place Stardoll HQ has on their maps(Morocco is in Africa, jfc!). I used to be very fascinated by Moroccan fashion, google 'Moroccan takchita' and you'll see what I'm talking about, so I feel like it's a bit dismissive of other cultures/countries that are not the UAE and are still muslim and celebrate Eid. 


Create an outfit inspired by another county's culture/fashion and share it with us in comments.

~Don't forget your Stardoll name and to tell us the name of the county/culture that inspired your outfit.

  Prize: WIN 50sd 
(price might reduce or grow, depending on the number of entries). 

Bonus point goes for not only the outfit, but also for a styled room. 

Good luck dolls!

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