Friday, September 29, 2017


Game of Thrones is a very popular Television series 

It takes place during Medieval times

 Gotham is my favorite TV show 

It takes place before Bruce Wayne, Millionaire orphan becomes Batman 

Both shows have fantastic clothing be it different time periods 

So pick your poison are you Gothic or Gotham? 

Search some of the Gotham Villains, Fish Mooney is my favorite played by Jada Pinkett Smith

Check out Game of Thrones for some more ideas


Go beyond your comfort zone! You might find a new program to watch 

For the Competition 

Dress you doll in either a GOT or GOTHAM outfit 

Post it along with your Stardoll Name and Date in the OOTD topic 

under Saturday or Sunday located at the top of this blog

♥ Do Not Post Your Entries Here ♥

If you enter both days you will be put into a drawing for 50 Stardollar Wishlist prizes!


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