Monday, September 11, 2017

Roxanne's Next Top Model Cycle 1 AUDITIONS

Welcome to Roxanne's Next Top Model, Hosted right here on Stardoll's Most Wanted!

This contest will consist of Scenery based modeling. If you don't really know what that is here are some links to help you out!

My Top 10 Sceneries:
Some awesome Sceneries by my friend:
Posing Tutorials: , , ,

This Cycle will have 10-14 contestants. 
 Each round a specific theme with rules must be present in your scenery! 

 I, and a few other judges will critique your photo, and decide on a call out order! 
The model that does not get called must leave the cycle! 
The winner of this season will get some MAJOR prizes, as well as a position on the next cycles judging panel!

Click the link provided, join the club, and 

Please note you do not have to be AMAZING at scenery modeling! But as the tasks go on, you will get better! 

AUDITIONS CLOSE: September 23rd, or if we get a lot of applications!

I am currently looking for 2 judges

You must have a sense of fashion knowledge
You must be able to email me critiques

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