Wednesday, September 6, 2017


So I know it's late in the day and for some of you it probably isn't even Wednesday anymore lol, but for me it is goes.

Inspired by one of Exabella's OOTD entries and of course the movie "Mean Girls" comes a new Wed comp.

It's simple, get inspired and show off that pink ladies. 

Create a pink outfit that would make the "Plastics" proud.

Post the pic in comments.

Don't forget your Stardoll name.

Winners will receive random wishlist shopping spree.

This is also inspired by our 

comp, which everyone seemed to like a lot.

~entries will be accepted for 24 hours.

They will then be put into a poll where the top 5 entries will win items from their WL.

~Amount of items gifted will depend upon where you place in the top 5 and the items on your WL.

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