Wednesday, September 27, 2017


SoMillie is our winner! 

She was selected by The Random Name Picker 

This over the shoulder fur really catches the eye

and this purple fur sleeved Dress is surely Vintage

SoMillie wins  50 Stardollars worth of wishlist prizes!

We had 25 members who followed the rules this weekend typing out their 

Stardoll name, date and entering both  Saturday and Sunday and entered a different outfit  

So more prizes to give away


popotje had the most up votes with 10

Love how she styled the JPG fur with those free SS pants we got a while ago 

popotje wins 25 Stardollars worth of wishlist prizes! 

Everyone please up vote your favorites each weekend 

as we want you to be a part of the picking the winners!


is my last pick for her sense of humor 

As pointed out her Centaur body is real fur, I had a good laugh when I saw this

Orpul-is-me9 also wins 25 Stardollars!

Will the winning dolls place one item or a combination of items

that total your prize amount on your wishlist? 

Please keep in mind that our SMWPRIZES doll is not Royalty and does not get the discount

Post here when you have done so

Listing the item(s) will help me in awarding the right prizes

One Week to claim

Thank you to everyone who entered! 

Hope you had fun and any suggestions for themes are always wanted  

♥ Aonuk ♥



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