Sunday, September 17, 2017


WildChrissie is our winner for Themed Weekend OOTD from September 9-10, 2017! 

Let me remind you that the theme was Rainy Weekend 

Chosen by Random Name Picker, WildChrissie made two fantastic entries 

Saturday she was joined by her boyfriend Ken, who she dressed up also 

Don't they look cute  

WildChrissie wins 50 Stardollars worth of wishlist prizes!

Since we had 15 participants that weekend who followed the rules

 and entered two different outfits on both days

 Another award goes to 19rhy99 who had the most up voted outfit with 8 votes!

Loved her caption so I have included it with her photo 

"Don't wait for the sun to wear sunglasses, life is short. 

Let your glasses get wet, wear sunglasses."

 19rhy99 wins 25 Stardollars worth of Wishlist prizes!

Will both dolls please place one item or a combination of items 

that total your prize amount on your wishlist 

and post here when you have done so? 

Listing the item(s) will help me in awarding the right prize 

One week to claim

Thank you to everyone that enters the Themed Weekend OOTD!

So many creative and talented entries I wish I could award you all 

Please post any ideas for future themes you would like to see  

 ♥ ♥ Aonuk ♥ 


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