Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sit Down With Diana

Welcome to our second sit down, where we get a chance to know our members. 


Today we are joined by Diana (DiDi.DiDus), our Member of the Month. She is always participating in OOTD and competitions. 

Can you tell us who you are?
As you know, my name is Diana. I am 16 years old and I am from Slovakia. I like books and pets (dogs and cats).

How did you discover stardoll, and how did you choose your username? 

My sister showed me Stardoll 3 years ago. I played it before that, but i forgot about it. I don't like my username, it's so childish. I choose since i thought that i would only play SD only for a few weeks, maybe months.

What is your favorite and worst part of the game? 
The worst part are releases. Recolored and overpriced stuff. When we get anything good, it's limited or expensive. The best part that every day I can be a new person with different styling. 

Do you collect any items in particular
I started collecting headwear only few months ago, so my collection is still small. In real life I am not collecting anything, but in the past i was collecting earrings.

How has stardoll impacted your real life?
Stardoll changed my style. Personally am more brave with my outfits in real life. I am combining a lot of styles now.

What are your top 5 fall essentials?  
My fall wardrobe can't miss oversized sweaters, wool hats/beret, trench/rain coat, brown and orange shades and ankle boots.

The person who has the most influence in your life? 
My mum, she hasn't had an easy life since she lived without parents. Now she is alone raising my two younger siblings and me. I really admire her. 

Your favorite fashion brand?
I love slovak designer - Jana Pistejova and foreign - Chanel. I am always waiting for their new collections. It's not what I am wearing in real life, but I like them!

How did you end up in SMW?
I found SMW via another blog, and soon I favoured it.
What's your favorite competition on the blog?
It's every styling comp, when I must change my style and I can try something different.
Your favorite section of the blog? 
Chat page. There we can always chat about anything we want, stardoll, real life problems, and advice. 

Any additional information you would like to share with us?
I would like to say big THANK YOU to everyone, who is keeping this blog active and for everyone, who is making my day better, thanks to the internet.  Sorry for my english, it's not my native language. 

Thank you Diana for such a wonderful interview. It was definitely a little emotional, but am so glad you took the time to sit down with us and we really got to know you. It is amazing to see how there are multilingual members on the blog. 
That's it for this installment and join us next time. 



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