Friday, September 1, 2017

The Game of Luck - Semi Finale + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 9

The second most nerving week of this entire contest has come! There are only 6 contestants left!
CosimaSaskia, Judith_25, Ambroseyy, WildChrissie, JudyellaFairy, Anya-Samantha
You 6 have braved this entire contest for more than 10 weeks! Unfortunately as you know people have to leave this contest in order for someone to win! So, one by one someone on this picture will turn to black and white, and that means you are OUT of The Game of Luck, and your luck has run OUT!

So, who is the first contestant NOT making it to SEASON 1's EPIC FINALE

The contestant who has placed 6th overall is...

Anya-Samantha, I was actually GUTTED to find out you were not going to the finale! I find it so awesome that so many people wanted to see you win, and I am blessed you took a chance, and signed up for this contest! Thank you!!! Throughout this contest you were the 10th person called into the top 20, you survived the bottom twice, and was called 1st once! That's and AWESOME run out of you!

Okay, so the first elimination of the night is done, and I am already very emotional! Unfortunately there are 5 of you left, and one more person has to go....

The contestant that placed 5th over all is....

Judith_25, let me tell you this, my stomach SANK right before I clicked the button to see who was 5th place, and when you name popped up all I thought was "Oh no, Mirdith is going to cry so hard!" I am serious! You had such a lovely fan base, and I was really rooting for you! Unfortunately you luck has run out. You were the VERY LAST person called into our COVETED top 20, and survived the bottom once! Overall you had quite the roller coaster of a season, every week getting called either near the very top, or near the very bottom! Thank you so much for playing!

There are 4 contestants left, and we HAVE to get rid of one more... I have to admit, I was very scared to see who the last person to not make the finale was... Unfortunately I had to click the button.

The contestant who placed 4th overall, and will not be going to the finale is....

JudyellaFairy, you did so AMAZING! I was actually very shocked you were eliminated! You always managed to slip past each week, and I really thought you were making the final three! You were the 12th contestant to be called into our top 20, and NEVER landed in the bottom, however you never had a first call out, you still managed to wiggle into the next week! Congrats on such an EPIC run on this show! Thank you for playing!

So, lets give a HUGE round of applause to the 3 that left us tonight! I know it sucks, but they did so awesome! BECAUSE I am running low on stardollars, I thought it would be cool to do something different!

Anya-Samantha, Judith_25, and JudyellaFairy, you three are reserved a spot in our top 20 of SEASON 2!!! Also you each can have 1 items from my OWN SUITE! (Wigs, Jewelry, Fashion, Furniture) Anything but my gowns! MY prized collection shall not be bought! Thank you so much for playing!

CosimaSaskia, Ambroseyy, WildChrissie
A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE to the final 3 of SEASON 1.

You three made it so far, and 3rd, 2nd, and 1st is such an awesome place! You three have earned it no matter the outcome!

Next week on of you will win 600sd or 3 months SS. Congrats!

XoXo Roxy

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