Monday, January 10, 2011

New Doll: Edyta Gorniak

I know this is usually Ghandoora's job, but couldn't resist posting :P

There's a new Superstar Doll; Edyta Górniak. Click here to dress her up :) (SS Only though obviously)

Born on 14th November 1972, Górniak is one of the biggest female names in the Polish music industry. At just aged 4, she was part of a band and playing at evening events, before winning a Polish talent show at the age of 16, where she made her big break by performing Sam Brown's "Stop!". In 1994, she became the first ever Polish artist to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "To Nie Ja" or, translated, "That's Not Me".

I think she's quite pretty! She looks extremely innocent. I'm guessing she's a role model to many Polish girls out there. Her doll could have been a bit better, though. And the clothes could have been better picked :\

But what do you think of her? Does the doll appeal to you?

PS: I'm a new writer here. I'm going to be giving Jenna a hand. You may know me because I'm a judge for this blog and a writer for Elite News. Just wanna say Thank You to Jenna for this amazing opportunity; it's just once in a lifetime! Best B'day present EVER :3



Anonymous said...

You should NOT write ghandoora's stuff now she has nothing to write it's unfair for her it's non of you buissness !!!!

Romana♡Romana.Dawn said...

She is beautiful.

Anony: If Ghandoora isn't here.. her thing should be posted.

PwincessSara/Sara said...

@Anonymous: It's a one off. I just needed to post something, and I know that I aint gonna be posting her things again unless necessary..I was just a bit hyped that I'd got to write for the blog!

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@ Anonymous- we all help out here. Yes it is Ghandoora's segment, but if she is not on to post it..both Filipinhamaria and PwincessSara will generally help out.

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Happy Birthday :D

I never heard for her xD But,she seems nice ;D

Anonymous said...

i think it´s ok that Sara post. I have the same with my own Blog. all writers have their sement, but if one of them see what the other post and the other isn´t online, so the writer post it. Thats `TEAMWORK!!!
And to the post: Where is she??? i never hear(?) about her. Sio i hope you understand my bad english..learned many many years ago


Mollyk123 said...

I've never heard of her before but i think her doll is really beautiful! But to be honest I dont really like the clothes she has, some items are ok but there's nothing new or exciting

xXCO-COXx said...

never heard of her if I'm honest :s might go on youtube and have a listen! xxx

iswim19 said...


♥Ghandoora♥ said...

Uunfair ! i wait the moment when new doll release ~ and Jenna told me what i should write about .. go and ask her about what you should do

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