Friday, January 21, 2011

Free items for today

Hi everyone [:
I hope you are having a great Friday.
Anyway lately stardoll has started to make more new contests/campaigns on Fridays and today is no exception.
Only it's sad to see that more and more of freebies are available only with manual proxies :S
But anyway today we can get -
the cute Pascal chameleon and coat from Tangled movie
2 nice bags - Cross-Over and Floral Print
and iCarly Sam's Striped Top
And here is how -

For the Free Chameleon Pascal and Purple Coat from Tangled movie
-If you live in UK - Simply go to Stardoll cinema page by clicking HERE
-If you don't live in UK Follow these steps to get it:
Go to UK proxy site like
2)Paste stardoll cinema link into the URL/Address box of the proxy site:
3)Click Go OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll, Wait a little till page loads
5)Leave the proxy by closing the window/tab, Go to stardoll as usual
Chameleon should be in a Tangled bag in your suite [:

For the Free Fudge Orange Cross-Over Bag
-If you are a from Sweden, Go and Enter a stardoll contest HERE
-If you aren't from Sweden - Follow these steps to get it:
1)Go to Swedish proxy like
2)In white blank box Paste stardoll link:
3)Click Go/Browse/Surf Now (it's up to proxy you use)
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies URL link box Paste contest link:
6)Click Go, Wait a little till stardoll page loads
7)Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Bag should be in a giftbox in your suite [:
Available till 31.01

For the Free Brown Floral Print Bag
-If you live in Greece:
Simply Enter a stardoll contest HERE 
-If you don't live in Greece
As I haven't got any working web proxy
You have to Set a Greek manual proxy like
IP Address: Port: 3128 Or
IP Address: Port: 8080 Or
IP Address: Port: 8085
If these doesn't work for you, check HERE for others 
How to set manual proxy? 
When you have set the manual proxy -
1)Go to Log in
2)Copy and Paste this contest link:
3)Wait till contest page loads
4)Turn off the proxy
Bag should be in a giftbox in your suite [:
Available till 31.01

For the Free iCarly Sam's Top
-If you are from Sweden-
If you are a member - visit the club, if you aren't member - Join the iCarly club:

-If you don't live in Sweden
--If you are a member -
1)Go to one of these Swedish proxies
2)In the blank box Copy and Paste club link:
3)Click GO or Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Login to stardoll, wait a little till page loads
5)That's it, Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Top should be in a iCarly bag in your suite [:
--If you aren't a member of the club yet
You have to Set a Swedish manual proxy like

IP Address: Port: 80 Or
IP Address: Port: 3128
IP Address: Port: 80 Or
IP Address: Port: 80
How to set manual proxy? 
If you don't know 
Check HERE for Explorer and Mozilla Users
Check HERE for others (scroll down till you find yours browser) and read how to do it 
*The way looks long, but actually it takes less than few minutes [:
When you have set the manual proxy -

1)Go to stardoll, Log in and Join this club
[If club page doesn't load at first, log out, close the browser and open it to try again]
Top should be in a iCarly bag in your suite [:

Be sure to turn off the proxy after using it

Do you like any of these?
Are you getting anything?



HilaryMad2659 said...

Stardolls been busy today xD

maria ansari said...

busy day on stardoll huh? DUH! :)

Sierra Lang (iswim19) said...


ithar2010 said...

Cool things :D i like the free Brown Floral Print Bag ! *.^ so chick !!
xoxo ithar2010

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep saying these items are free when some people have bought them. Those bags are not free I will keep saying stardoll is stupid every time they give out an item others have bought already since other people just praise them for nothing. Most of these items I've seen in people's suites before, how would they feel? Praise for stardoll indeed! Yeah they've been busy & you pay.

Rayko said...

Thx^^ I got the little lizard from Tangled. xD

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

Hmm, I'll probably pass on them this time. Haha. Too busy. :)

Tina said...

Thank you ;3

Unknown said...

I like some of them but I hate the idea of manual proxies.

Jane said...

I like the bag,

fashiongirl963 said...

I totally love the chameleon :D It is sooooooo cute :D

Anonymous said...

i love the Chameleon its soo cute ^^

Eris said...

Thnx! :)

Scaryspice321 said...

The chameleon is so cute ;3

vronaal said...

thanks for all :)
the pullover of iCarly is cute :)

CityMiss said...

I do not like manual proxy, who does?

Miss M said...

I really wanna watch that new Disney movie :]

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said...

OMG! There are so many free things. Getting them all.

Natoustars said...

I'll dont get all but I love the free top ^^ Thanks :)

prenses said...

Woo-Hoo! I like Sam's Top. :)

Iovanca said...

not the best ones... i don't think i'm getting them :P

RobynisDreaming said...

Thank you for always telling us how to get free things Rutn .

FarihaMaree said...

Ahh Ruth wothout You, my stardoll suite and medoll would be soo bad, Thanks So muuuch!

miley said...

Cool, i like Sam's top it is better than Carly top! but sadly i did not get it. also i did not get anything.. anyway thanks!

Gabby/MusicGirl505 said...

i cant get the brown bag with flowers. :( no one from my country (bulgaria) cant get it

Nordwalde said...

I won't be getting any.. Not really my style..

afnan343 said...

Thank you :]]]♥

Mihaela said...

They're so cute!

Anonymous said...

I loved the Tangled! :DD

romela1998 said...

i like this things but no time,very busy,with stardoll and my blogs

Unknown said...

OMG, that chameleon is soooo adorable!!! :D I'll definitely get it! Thanks for the tip! :)

♥ Cata.marquesa said...

Thanks :D

Ameena said...

I love the chameleon!!! :D SOO CUTTEEE! xD

miley2elka said...

i can't join the club!none of these manual proxies didn't work 4 me!!i want to join icarly club sooo bad!!i am from slovenia,i am miley2elka on stardoll,so please can anyone help me to join it??i will be REALLY happy!!!!u can write me a message on stardoll and i will give u my password to do that,please i really want to join!!

Sandra said...

Wow!Good thnx!

Kitty Skrillex said...

i like only the frog...i hate manual proxy so i will not get other things...

allyguapa said...


LaFee-supergirl said...

Thank you so much! But I don´t know how to use proxy´s.... :S

Unknown said...

Ruth you also get a free tangled cape when you logged in today for the U.K. Its purple with a hood, i wouldnt really wear it but it will do for halloween.....

On the other hand I got the orange bag and the frog as I am not verygood with, manual proxies.. Thanks its helped me xx Charity xx

J-Lee Vuitton/Demi_lavato10 said...

I Absolutely Adore the Pascal and the bag (: They Are so Cute and fashionable!

Anonymous said...

No me funciona los proxys

Anonymous said...

me pueden decir como se hace por favor =) =(

Anonymous said...

hehee-- Pascal is very cute :P

MissLyana999 said...

Free items:X:X:X:X:X

Nina :] said...

I mostly like Sam's top from iCarly

niki-chick said...

cute items today (: manual proxies .. can't be bothered this time

NeonTiara. said...

It can be gotten if not a member without using a manual proxy and only just the link you put for members (:

ChicFashion98 said...

Thanks! This is the best for freebies!

Jasmine1223♥ said...


sailorlife4me said...

these are interesting. i want the cape!

Dominika said...

the frog is cute xD

xoxo_angel13 said...

I didn't really like them......but hey at least their free!haha :)

hotbuuys_Horse said...

Hi! I want more free things xD

Anonymous said...

i didnt get anything

Yoshibadger said...

Yeah, but I can't use proxies. Any cheats that don't require that?

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