Monday, January 17, 2011

90 million items

Thanks to MeDoll-JustMe for tip [:

Stardoll finally made the 90 million members items.
 At first I though it was just a glitch for having the 90 million label for these SS dresses (looking like regular clothes) but I was wrong.
These are the items and
And they are quite pricey, best items are SS only.
I'm just disappointed, I could say :S
Of course this is better than just a plain tee, but still there is no reaching-90 million-event feeling, these seem as regular stardoll items, don't you think?
I think the dresses could have been non-ss and cheaper.
Okay those crystals for  3sd are nice, though not sure what to do with them :)
The cat animated clock is cute too, but well damn 12sd and SS only?
These was expected as gifts not like...
I think these could go on my top3 for the worst million member gifts :D 
I hope that 100 million member's items will be greater. Truly something worth such huge number and event.

Real Life versions:
(if you know any others, let me know ^^)
Roberto Cavalli Dress

Kit-Cat clock

Rodarte dress and shoes (Thanks Seen on Stardoll)

Anyway do you like them?
Are you buying anything?

Thanks to fashiongirl963 for info ^^
 There will be the same offer than last time with 80 millions, that after spending the number of millions [on starplaza and suiteshop] you get a half of money back [:
Only I don't understand what do they mean by word weekend? Is it starting from Friday or just Saturday/Sunday? And well it's soo long to wait.
 What do you think about this offer?
 Again trying to make us spend more? 
Or maybe it's more like a great opportunity to you?


AbiiBabeh..x said...

I am solely dissapointed. They wouldn't have to give them if they had no members. The least they could do is give us a gift. Not like we don't get any anywa; unless you live in poland :L

MonicaMillgram said...

No, I guess I'm not buying anything. It's not so bad that stardoll doesn't give a free stuff because last time it did it was kinda rubbish. But pity that this time items are really expensive.


miley said...

sure i will not buy anything from those stupid things.. anyway some are cute but some is ugly! and it have to a gift from stardoll that's not good from stardoll it have to be cheaper to make all the stardolls buy it and stay a memory for 90 million members..

Miss M said...

Nothing special, especially for such a big milestone. Disappointed ):

marymoo said...

No way ! The dress is too long and horrible :L Thanks Stardoll - NOT !

Rab92 said...

Are You Being Serious, Nothing For Free & Most Of Them Are For SS?!
All Stardoll Staff Need To Get A Grip Of Themselfs!

But On The Other Hand, The Dresses Are... (I Would Say F*cking Ugly, But It Wouldn`t Be Enough To Say How Ugly They Really Look!)Looking Like Their Made Of My Grans Curtains & Dishtowels!


Anonymous said...

I thought that the jewels were earrings, instead they are furniture :(

ziedefan&lillyn16 said...

I think I don't buy them...
But I don't understant-WHY stardoll don't give us free items?And these items isn't very wonderfull =(
Everyone remember-60milion,70milion
members on stardoll gifts.They been FREE!!!Disappointed =( =L

J-Lee Vuitton/Demi_lavato10 said...

This is just crap, Stardoll. This is soooo not right.

_JolieAnn_ said...

the clock which looks like a cat is really cute :D
but the clothes are really not my style and too expensive for me
but i didnt see something free
a bit lame for stardoll

Anonymous said...

Everything is ugly and too expensive :S
How can you make such an awful dress? And that cat clock is kitsch,totally tasteless.

anaKonda said...

I'm disgusted at Stardoll!!!

Natoustars said...

:OO I've never thinked that they will be items like that for 90 millions members gift :O --'

fashiongirl963 said...

There will be the stuff with 90 sd this weekend ... If you spend up to 90 sd the will give a half of that ... it's the same as when stardoll had 80 million members :)

.emma.x. said...

the 50% of your money back thing, I see as an opportunity :D But it's kind of silly of them to tell us it now instead of at the weekend, because many girls will probably spend 90SDs now expecting half their money back that they are not going to get :(
And we also don't know if Friday is included, stardoll should be more specific.
And also the ad doesn't tell you that star bazaar doesnt count which i think it should, cause how else are you meant to know without reading blogs or from a previous bad experience??

chocolatofreak said...

Eww. lol.
This is a big dissapointment :/

Hopefully 100 million will be better (:
Don't worry guys, Stardoll like grows like really fast, so we'll reach that ammount of members in no time (:

And aww lol.
If only I could like spend how I used to spend back in those happy ss days, I could like get lot's of money back lol.

SDV \\ supa_star4real said...

On the bright side.. the kitty cat clock is sorta cool.. not :P

Richard said...

Puah u.u I just hate them. Hm..I think the only nice thing is the long dress u.u

Anonymous said...

i dont want to wait 22-23 this is stupid why? not now? we will wait weekend???????????

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you, this is the best I've seen, all the others have numbers on them & stay in storage or go in the recycle bin. These ones have no numbers & they also have decors for our suites not just balloons. People always complained about the numbers being on them why complain about this one with no numbers? The only problem is that it's not free & I wouldn't buy any of it. Stardoll should thank us not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

Wait last time they had the free money offer i spent ALL my money expecting something but NOTHING Hope they could keep there promises.

BTW These dresses are ugly i remember the 6o Million gives were awesome :DD

Wonder if the stardoll staff see's these comments


Rayko said...

Ok i like the clock, but come on...Nothing free? And the clothes are as usual...horrible? I am so dissapointed.:[

allyguapa said...

This is really unfair i really hope at least one free items, or really cheap ones :(
what happend to stardoll lately?? I`m dissapointed.

♥ Cata.marquesa said...

I'm seriously disappointed with Stardoll. The clothes are mostly ugly and expensive, in my opinion...They could at least have put something free! And the 50% of give our money back thing is a away to make us spend more money...I miss the old Stardoll:(

Mihaela said...

Ahahahaa.I HATE THEM xD

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

I'm really disapointed. Nothing free? And no offense, but I personally don't like any of them.. I agree the jewels are cute, but I too don't know what I'd do with them!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said...

Not buying anything. They are not my style and expensive. They should make something special, not ordinary things. I only like the clock, but it's way to expensive.

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