Tuesday, January 25, 2011

JENNA'S RANT.............WEIGH IN...

I'm sure that some will still take this the wrong way, but I'm just letting my readers know what I'm about and that's what matters to me.

My first thought is to ignore these so called Anti-Elite blogs popping up all over Stardoll/blogger. It happens so much to me, people attacking me because I have gained some sense of "popularity" on stardoll. Really it's all ridiculous this virtual popularity, but like most people when attacked...I want to stand up for myself and fight back. Unfortunately MOST of the people writing these blogs are so immature and biased that nothing you say could ever make a difference. It goes in one ear and out the other because instead of finding out the truth, their main purpose is to either tear you down or use other to gain popularity for themselves. Sure they will disguise it by saying that they are standing of for the majority, the people who can't stand up for themselves, but we all know the truth. Really it is just another form of cyber bullying. Why I don't really care what these people think about me personally, it does get my hackles up when what they are saying is so blatantly untrue and I know that there are tons of people out there taking it as gospel. So why not address it here. :)

I never really talk about how I am treated on stardoll, but I thought I should use this opportunity to do it Many of you do not know me at all. You came to my blog for the fun or lured by prizes and advertisements and that's mainly my fault. I purposefully keep to myself on here and truly talk to only a very few people. Why is that you ask? Mainly to avoid the gossip, but also because from the start my only goal in opening up my club Hotbuys_Bazaar was to have fun and help people. People like many of you who were unable to be or keep Superstar or to have access to some of the things on Stardolls that I had (rares, stardollars etc..)

My History:
The club soon gave way to the blog. It was just a better way to get the information out there and I enjoyed writing. We have always been about the competitions. Yes my family does have above average money and that gives me the opportunities to help many of you. Many people want to say that it is just my effort to bribe people in order to get popularity, but really I never cared much about any of that. If any of you know my history. I had an aunt on here by the name of Dinahdoll22. She was an adult who owned a club called Sparkle_Magazne which was designed to do these things I talk about. She thought it was a shame how expensive Stardoll was and that so many couldn't afford to be SS. It was very popular and when she left Stardoll, both us us wanted to keep helping people..so I started my own club/blog with the same purpose.

The facts are:
 I have never pulled any stunts to get in the "public eye". I don't go to all the Stardoll parties and create scenes..in fact you will rarely see me at one. I don 't say look at me "I'm Elite"....in fact I strongly speak out about hating that word and that stigma. I constantly say we are all the same and I am no better than you. Basically,  I hold my comps and I go about my business. People like most recently, Elite Revolution will argue that I am elite because I have become well known on here, but I never asked for that. It is you the general public that have place that label on me and therefore have lumped me in with many who have wanted that title. Do I like having a popular blog? Sure. It means more people enter your comps and it's more fun, but if were all to go away tomorrow..that would be okay too. Because I am doing it for the right reasons, to help people.

My life on Stardoll: 
Everyday I am bombarded with messages in guest book, friend requests, messages in my in box, chat etc.. People wanting to talk to me, ask me to advertise their project, wanting to write for my blog or just wanting to be friends with me because they have heard of me. I accept that. I know that is what comes with having a popular blog, but I want all of you to understand that I am a real person. I have a real, very busy life outside of stardoll. I try my best to respond to everyone, even if it's a little a day, but I am human. Sometimes I miss people's comments, forget to respond or I give a brief response because I am trying my hardest to respond to keep up with everything. I apologize if during this process, I inadvertently hurt someone's feelings. It is never intentional just a result of trying to balance both worlds as best I can., I have to admit it frequently is overwhelming.

I can't speak for everyone, but people who have not experienced this kind of "attention" on stardoll or elsewhere really should try to get to know someone before trashing them. Try and think what it must be like in their shoes. How hard it must be to respond to everyone or accept everyone as friends. Yes, I personally stopped accepting friends for the most part long ago. Not because I only accept "Elite" friends like many will have you believe, but because it's just too much. Tons of people constantly talking to you in chat or in messages at the same time. It drives me a little crazy and I have very limited time for Stardoll and so much to do while I am on.

Generally when I am on Stardoll, I am doing stuff for the blog, judging comps etc.. Anyone who has a blog will tell you how time consuming that all is. Actually, its kind of funny because one of my best friends on Stardoll, Bluegreen86 and I just had this conversation that we hardly talk because I am just so busy on and off Stardoll.

To give you an idea...Before my recent Stardoll break I had cleaned out my friend requests. I had over 2000 in pending. On my presentation it has always stated that I normally do not accept friend requests, but I'd be happy to talk to you in guest book. People still request me and I feel bad denying them, but it is necessary because like I said above I can't get anything done with so many people talking to me at once and I already have too many. Anyway, when I came back I had almost 2000 friend requests again.  Some that had been waiting there for months. Many people get upset if you don't accept them or if they think you are ignoring them. But think for just a minute...that they may have so many that is hard to notice your request or comment out of so many and that it may take them a long time to even get through them.

In Conclusion:
So to wrap up this long monologue I just want to say again..get to know people.. Don't lump everyone into the same category. Realize that if you are publicly bashing someone for things that you don't know about..you are part of the problem. Instead try a little more patience and understanding.

For those who want to know what I'm about it's simple. I'm a normal person just like all of you. I come on stardoll to have fun. The fun I discovered on here...was challenging people in competitions. Giving them something positive to do and enhance their stardoll experience AND being able to reward non-superstars and superstars alike. I have tried to share this with all of you. I'm nice sure. At least, I try to be, but just like everyone else if you are rude to me...I'll probably get rude back. It's a normal human response. I don't think or act like I'm better than any of you and I don't care at all all about any of that kind of stuff.

I can't make you believe what I say, but I hope this will at least make you think about things before you gossip, bash or bully other members.

So comment and tell us what you think? Are all so called "elites" the same. Do you condone these sites bashing them? Do you think it's ok to basically bully them when many of you are on board with campaign like NOH8 against bullying for whatever reason.

What makes someone "elite" in your opinion? 

Have you been bullied on Stardoll?

Let's discuss it!

Tell us in comments...your thoughts.


J-Lee Vuitton/Demi_lavato10 said...

I think, that everyone is equal no matter by labels or looks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you say! (: We are equal!

Anonymous said...

What do you want us to say? Poor, poor girl?

Sorry, but this is life. People always critize/bully others because they are jealous or because they are bored. Is it fair? Of course not. But you have to learn to live with it.

So please, stop complaining, ignore them and keep doing your own thing.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@ Anonymous- stop being anonymous. Why is it complaining to state how you feel. That's what your blogs are for. I'm getting it out there and stating my opinion..so yes I am dealing with it. I feel it's time to stop ignoring it as obviously it's not going away..

Unknown said...

Unfortunately today for a bit 'popularity on Stardoll girls do everything! It's quite funny and desperate at the same time ... I'm very sorry for you!

Weisswurst/ Taylor said...


Really? THATS what you have to say?
She isn't complaining and if you actually read she isn't looking for popularity or what not. She has a blog she is royalty. Thats what happens when you get stuff like that!

Your just jealous... arnt you? Not to be rude or anything.

But If you don't give any sympathy... Why comment?

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@ Cristina I agree. The thing is...everyone is not the same.

Yes many people do anything to get popular, but some have just displayed some sort of talent or entrepreneurism.

It is kind of the same with real life celebrities. Are they all the same and bitches/snobs? How do we know...if we don't know them.

Linnea/.pease. said...

Amen. I Agree With Every Single Word Typed Above. Elitism Is Such A Strange Thing, As It's Actually Created By The People Who Then Complain About It. No One Can be A So Called 'Elite' Without A Huge Crowd Of People Supporting You, That's Why It's So Strange, That They Later Find Things To Complain About In Everything! I Sorry For You Jenna, As Because This Is Not How Such A Great Person As You Should Be Treated Like. I Think You're One Of The Most Generous People I Know About, And I've Never Seen You Disrespect Anyone Else, And Yet Such People As Elite Revolution Does So Towards You. It's Really Bad, I Think. Well I Suppose What I Really Wanted To Say With This Comment Is That You've Got My Full Support, Even Though We Don't Know Each Other That Well.


Unknown said...
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Rayko said...

Well that's what stardoll is for some persons...They simply will do anything for some popularity. They don't care about other and mostly they want to be important here because they can't do that in real life. 8-|

As for the anonymous person...Mind your own things -_- She isn't complaining here. But i guess you are so jealous of her that you can't tell your oppinoin in face...you post as an anonymous...pathetic. If you have somthing to say, say it with your name at least. -__-" Sorry if i was rude, no offense but that's how it is...

Unknown said...

You are absolutely right ... Stardoll is nothing but a mirror of real life, and just like in real life there are people - shark
devouring those who have managed to become someone honestly!
The only thing you need to do is look ahead, there will always be sharks, unfortunately, but continue on your way, that brought you up here!

thatgirlsophy said...

Amen Jenna! :)

Miss M said...

Extremely well said, Jenna.

The thing is, when someone becomes well known, they're an Elite. I know how much you actually hate the term, and I also don't think much comes out of the Elite word. It usually just gives people bigger egos and makes them think they're better than the rest of the world.

One thing people sometimes forget is that Stardoll is all a bunch of pixels. It doesn't matter what you do on here, but people are still either gonna love you or hate you. Even with so-called "Elites". Not everyone loves them.

I personally think it's really kind of you to pay for prizes for all your competitions. People sometimes tend to forget that you do this out of your own free will. Most people would spend all this money on themselves, and the odd 10% of people out there don't realise that all this could be just spent on you.

Bottom line: Elites on Stardoll should not exist. They make others feel degraded, and for some, having the title "Elites" just gives them extremely big, fat egos. It makes them think they're better than the other 90 odd million members that are out there on Stardoll.

I don't think blogs which degrade people, "Elite" or not, should exist. I personally don't have a problem with EN, because it's fake, and KOM reports only real stories. But when people turn Stardoll blogs in to a bitching session for anonymous users, it really annoys me, simply because they're trying to get the attention which they know they don't actually deserve.

One question: Why is it, when people do something nice, they wanna be part of the "Elite crowd" and when people do something wrong and stick up for themselves or something along those lines, they also wanna be part of the "Elite crowd"? Hasn't half of Stardoll realised they're only being human?

Also, people seem to forget; just because they can spend all day on a pixelated site, doesn't mean we're all lucky enough to do so(!) Majority of people that hold bitching sessions about the well-known people on Stardoll won't know a single thing about them. It's just frickin' stupid. How do you form an opinion without knowing them?


----Faith---- said...

WOW Jenna, Its Amazing To See Someone From Stardoll Putting Their Opinions In Such A Concise And Structured Way. I Agree With Everything You Say, However I Do Think Some Of The So Called "Elites" Take Fame To The Head. Back In The Real World You Would Have No Idea If You Walked Past An Elite Each & Every Day. I Personally Check Your Blog At Least Once A Day Due To Its Factual Nature & Useful Information And I'm Glad That Place Like This And People Like You Exist To Make The Stardoll Experience Better =] Xx

Unknown said...

Nobody is the same, we're all different yeah, but we should all be treated the same. No matter wether your popular on Stardoll or not. It's not exactly your fault Jenna that SMW became popular and now you are well known, is it? No.

I seriously feel sorry for you Jenna, and all the other popular people of Stardoll, having to go through all this. It must be so annoying.

Rayko said...

You are totaly right. Lol long comment but what you said there it's just so true...Ahh how much can i hate this part of stardoll.It will be cool if the 'elite' didn't exist(but i don't think that's possible, sadly). And lol the word 'elite''s annoying. :]

Miss M said...

Tell me about it. Stardoll'd be so much better if there were no such thing as Elites! Honestly, some of them just mess SD up, big time.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Thank you to all you guys who actually get what I am trying to say.

This was not to complain or not even to garner sympathy.

It's a way to state my opinion, stand up for myself and discuss it.

Miss M said...

Is Elite Revolution a blog or account? And I think anyone that actually reads the post knows you're not looking for sympathy.

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...


Honestly I've never been a fan of people being called 'Elites'. Even though the SD Motto is 'FAME, Fashion, and Friends' I don't see why Fame is so important on this virtual website.
You're trying to help out Stardoll Members (Which I think is incredibly kind and people should just be happy and thankful to you instead of gossiping about you) so I think we all owe Jenna a huge thanks for everything she's done over the years SMW has been active.
Though I admit Jenna doesn't always answer or respond to my Guestbook Comments to her, I don't take offense or get upset..because I can see how many she has and I understand she has a life outside of her computer! And I can only imagine how many friend requests she gets in a day!

As part of the Staff at NoH8 I'm trying to find people who have been bullied on Stardoll, and to get their Story of how they were bullied, how they felt them, if and how they tried to stop it, and looking back on it now how they feel. If anyone is willing to write up a little thing with those things, we're willing to post a couple on the blog.
Jenna, I know you're busy but we'd be so happy if even you could do a short little write up.

Don't assume when you only know one side of the story.

Thank you, that's all I wanted to say. ;)))

-Carolyn / LonnaLang xo

Jenna, know that even though you have Hater's there are still tons (And probably more) people out there who love you and are grateful to you. So thank you.

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...


The Account is EliteRevolution

And the blog is:


Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

A little off topic but..

I also just wanted to let you guys know that new clothes have come out for Australia Day. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been bullied on stardoll several times, Snobs_exposed posted horrible messages to me in my gb and in other stardoll guestbooks claiming that I was a desperate pathetic fame whore nobody. I never spoke to Snobs_exposed and I'm not very well known on stardoll either- she just wanted attention by bullying. Several girls now have made their own opionions that I'm a horrible fame wanting monser due to one girl wanting fame herself and making complete non sense about me that now other girls think are true. I have blocked all the girls who believed. Snobs_exposed and snobsexposed herself.

You need to be careful, one mistake or slip up and half of stardoll can hate you.

Anonymous said...

Some more well known members don't listen and care to what the "lesser" members who aren't "elites" have to say.

Anonymous said...

Well, so called 'elites' only have that label becaus ethey have made a difference in the stardoll comunity. I think no-one will ever be treated equally (for example, people useing the term, noob), even if they wanted to be. Its a bit like real life really isnt it?

_JolieAnn_ said...

im always sad about people who are dissing others because this people are angry about themselve not about the other "famous" person. They are hating themselve not the others but they cant admit themselve.
But there will be always people who are famous and other who are jealous. Thats right this is life but there are so much more people who are happy for you Jenna. Who love what you are doing and understand what you are doing and that you dont have always time... so dont be angry about those people. be happy because you have a light soul and not such a dark like them.

Hannah (iluvmumble333) said...

You Rock.
I like how you approach the topic with honesty. That you really can't be friends with every person.

Thanks for all you do for the club and blog! I appreciate it!

Unknown said...

First off, let me congratulate you Jenna on taking a stand. I can respect what you've posted on here, and generally understand the most of what you've said. What I don't understand is why it took us so called "Elite bashing" sites to get you to this point.

The point of our articles are not simply and necessarily to attack or bring down Elites, I will openly admit that we have and will verbally disagree with most of the Elites decisions.

EliteRevolution was made to call out all Elites in particular for the bad choices they've made and too make sure they are able to realize they are heavily influencing younger children and users that are looking up to them. If that takes ruffling some feathers, or makes you realize some harsh truths so be it.

Similar to how you took a stand through your blog to defend yourself is, simply put, the reason we created the blog in the first place: to take a stand against what this word "Elite" has turned into, and to fight against the stigma you say you hate so much.

Whether or not you asked to be Elite, or want to be Elite is meaningless. You've been given that title, whether you wanted it or not, which means that you have to treat it with as much care as you've put into this article.

I sincerely believe that this article has shown a lot to your readers, and hopefully cleared up some disbeliefs or misunderstandings that may have hovered over you, or been presented to other readers.

To get Elites to make moves like this, or at least open their eyes to how they're affecting this internet community and lives of the people behind the computer screens was our sole purpose.

Let's hope this article has done some good.

Unknown said...

They are low life's Jenna! :) You're awesome and nice and sadly they are just stupid and messed up in the mind.

J-Lee Vuitton/Demi_lavato10 said...

@Carolyn (LonnaLang)
Yeah, I've heard about accounts like: Snobs_exposed or eliterevoulution

I really hate the fact that people have to bully others, and think the famous are wrong just because they are a little more famous, Maybe if haters did something praise worthy they would be famous too, and the so-called "elite"
I wish one day that people are never bullied, picked. or frowned upon...

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. You're so nice to be helping all of us stardoll lovers and I appreciate what you do. I hope that someday those people that are harassing you realize how much it hurt you. So I say thank you for all you've done. Keep up the good work!

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

@ Nowandwhenever

I totally agree, but unfortunately I don't think bullying will ever go away.. It's sadly just a part of life which seems nearly impossible to stop.

At least we have organizations or people who stand up and try to teach people bullying is wrong and is never the answer.

Anonymous said...

I think it's only pathetic when people aren't being themselves and have to come across a certain way because they feel they want to be 'elite'.
However people are entitled to their own opinions, and just because they don't agree with the inequality, doesn't necessarily mean they are jealous of the attention.
Then again, who would be envious of popularity on a cartoon doll site..

_JolieAnn_ said...

i had a girl throwing mean words to me to: i dont know why and i didnt know her but i didnt do that what she wanted. i think she thought that i would answer with the same mean things but i did totally the difference. i said poor little girl do you have problem. tell me if you have perhaps i can help you. dont be sad about yourself...
and it helped :) i know its really hard to keep cool but perhaps try this and if not just ignore them and blog them because they just want to have attention. be happy about the friends you have and all the girls who love what you are doing.

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

Jenna, I think you should do rants like this more often. :) They're good to participate in and to debate different opinions!!! :)

I could see it being a very successful new part of the blog! ^.^

samijade said...

I am glad that I get to know more about you. I feel sorry for you. When I get friend requests everyday I get no more than about 8... 2000 would be terrible.
To all of these people bullying Jenna just because of this, get a life people, because ou obviously have nothing better to do than bully innocent stardolls.
In my opinion an 'elite' is someone, who, yes, has rares etc. but most importantly, their personality has to shine. I don't really care about all of that 'elite' stuff, but still, I think you have to be kind overal to be an elite. So yes, I have to admit, you are an elite. But don't worry, no way am I (and hopefully not anyone) are going to hold that against you.
You and your blog really are an asset to stardoll.
xx Sami

daloita said...

I understand! I really like the term "Elite" by the higher status xD, but I understand how difficult it is to try to answer all those friend requests, messages, chat, comment, but look on the bright side. Do not you think it is wrong to enter Stardoll and no one will remember you? I think there are many girls who would like to respond to everything.

In conclusion: Thank you and other popular members Stardoll is interesting:)

Anonymous said...

This is one of those reasons why I don't mingle. I don't want to get involved, I don't need some random people I don't know having an opinion about me..
I wasn't aware that you are being scrutinized and hated upon. :/ From what I can tell by just your blog and our very little interaction, you seem like sincere person. I can only agree on your post! You have a life aside stardoll, but still run this blog and be nice and share what some of us don't have. I think that's just very generous and therefor wonderful. It was nice hearing your side of the story. Don't let those people bother you to much! Do your thing!! ~ I know it keeps me entertaint 7 days of the week.

I have learnt to mind my own business, to focus on enjoying the good things in life. People should really just put aside their negativism and go do something fun! It such a waste of your life - making a blog just to bash and bully other people. It might feel good to put someone down, just wait untill you find out how good it can feel to make someone smile. If you learn to enjoy and appreciate that, you'll never care for bashing again.

tsk tsk!

"Y'all just need to go read a book or something!" like somebodys mom said on the phone in cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model. ;P

natasha-rox286 said...

Thats was very inspiring when i read that.
I don't know wether iv'e been bullied. Because i usually keep my self out of situations/ but i get what you mean it's really hard when you have a blog and a real life at the same time. ;]

I think your great and yes you help so many people. and idk anyone who can deny that.

People who are bullys
are obviously jealous.

Your amazing person jenna and
who ever denys that
really are sad




Anonymous said...

I think they have issues...And I'm sorry to who said that they aren't necessary jealous...that is exactly what it is.

Lia Jeanine / liajm said...

I think stardoll "elitism" has gotten out of hand. I've never heard anyone claim be be an elite. The people deem others to be elite. Honestly I think the mean comments are out of jealousy. Popularity in school is often a very important thing, and people try to emulate that on stardoll. However I think one of the problems on stardoll is because we all look like pixels, people treat us as such. I think if people started showing their real face they'd be treated like a person. Of course I could be totally wrong, and people might just be treated worse, for how they look. *sigh*. It's complicated little world we have here.

Jennifer said...

@Jenna you do not have to do this! we all know that you want to help us and that some haters are always trying to make people like you feel bad mainly because they want to be like you but they can't cause to be like you they need to have a really big heart. You are a role model to all of us in stardoll and I think everyone should see you that way. Thanks for giving us moments like the ones when a person that have been a ss becomes one because of you. Keep doing what your doing cause you are amazing and I am sure that you are a big person in real life too:)

Awesomediva14 said...

Anonymous- Why are you doing that? Just to make her feel worse? I dont think your the kind of friend to have. You are just like what she was writing about. Cmon, be sympathetic just a little bit.

Anonymous said...

why anonymous? because we can =))

Jojo/Sugar_98 said...

I saw the "The Elite Revolution" Blog and it was awful! Their like gossiping to the internet where the "Elites" were created! We are NOT Elites, we are NOT Superstars, we are NOT "Stardollians"
We created these dolls and you know its not real, SO WHAT? If we are famous on stardoll you think we will be famous in real life? No we are not famous in reallife, and if we are its not because of our fame in stardoll its because of what we learned on stardoll FASHION not HATE and JEALOUS, and what learned from life and school... All these years on stardoll have passed, but 2010 was the year that jealousy became a sabotage plan!
And I sooo agree with Jenna


Anonymous said...

There are 2 things I noticed on stardoll : 1. The bullying suprisingly is mainly from those who have less than others & I'm sure they came up with the name elites & not the so called elites themselves. Stardoll created all this by distinguishing those who they give preference to the most recent one is seperating those who pay every 2 weeks and monthly from those who pay 6-12 months (when in the long run it amounts to the same thing). If stardoll refunded all our money & made everything free for all the story will be different as the case is on other sites.
2. I have learnt never to vote for any popular member as I find a lot of them snobbish. However I have a few exceptions for those who occassionally respond or visit those who visit their page & leave nice comments in their guestbook. Lets face it we don't like communicating with those who are not our friends but some people want votes for covergirl,album, scenery, some people want you to keep buying their designs but yet would be reluctant to visit just a few people who visit their pages & give them these votes. I am also on Roiworld & there you need to communicate with people if you want their votes & people vote back for those who voted for them. That doesn't happen on stardoll once they win whatever competition they want, they snob you till they want to run a competition another time.

Jojo/Sugar_98 said...

We didn't choose to be "Elites" Stardoll Choose Us....

Anonymous said...

All this confusion & name calling was created by no one but stardoll. Yes bullying is ugly & goes on in real life but this has been enhanced by stardoll giving everyone a title from non-ss to royalty, payment & non-payment,all the competitions & most recently miss stardoll world. Stardoll has this fascination of singling out different people & categories & people want to get that popularity to get votes & stand out. An example is the miss stardoll world competition, how can stardoll single out one person out of more than 80 million members & why no runners up? There should have been at least 6 prizes in my opinion for wasting everyones time. Jealousy is a bad thing which leads to bullying & name calling all this would be at a minimum if there wasn't the need for stardoll to single out & categorize people. I think blogs are great I read them to mainly get information about stardoll news like spoilers, free gifts etc (not about people). Stardoll should be fun & nothing more.

sailorlife4me said...

i'm so sorry! that third comment is making me angry.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@ Veiled

What you Veiled (Elite Revolution) fail to understand is that you didn't get me to this point. There is nothing different in what I have said here. It's the same things I have always said.....unfortunately people buying into all this elite mess fail to listen. Everyone just wants to lump anyone with any kind of popularity into one category.

Do you think that I don't get some of the same treatment you say you get? I do. There are many that are deemed "Elite" who look down on me and my blog. These are the people that truly think they are "elite" or better than anyone else. So much so that they do not consider me even one of them.

So it always laughs when people put me in that category. I think any of the people you call elites that do actually accept me is because the have come to respect me and what I have accomplished on here over the years. Those are the people I deal with.

People are not always as you perceive them and I don't think your blog is helping the situation at all.

Also regardless of whether the Stardoll Community has given me this title or not..I don't have to behave a certain way. I am only human like everyone else. We None of us are perfect. Admiring people is one thing, but people need to look up to their own real life role models. Not celebrities and certainly not people on a virtual site that they have never really met...

Dayan F. said...

I agree with everything you said, even though there are rich or poor people it doesn't mean you can treat each other like they are ants, I'm not superstar and most of the time I feel like we don't have rights in stardoll, it is really important that people like you speak up and talk for us. I'll love to be part of the "elite", I think everyone will like to, but that doesn't gives me the right to bully other nonss. I do think social classes exist and we are the only ones who created them, so in order to be all the same again we'll have to work on DESTROY them.

Erin said...

One word: Ridiculous.

I am not speaking about this article/you when I say this. I mean the concept of 'elites' on Stardoll, by the way.

faux.fuchsia said...

Jenna, I absolutely agree with everything you said.

VeiledBeauty said...

@Jenna when I said it was sad that it took Elite bashers to get you to this point, I wasn't meaning to say that it was me in particular. But you are correct to say that people do like to lump people into categories, assuming that because they are popular and considered Elite they will all be the stereotypical kinds of people that Elites have proven themselves to be.

Unfortunately this is also what happens in real life, so there's no surprise that it surfaces in an internet community.

I believe that several people, even other 'Elites' like you have encountered that problem--being looked down on by other Elites, probably the number one reason we have all the "fights" and drama we do, and I'm sure you've encountered it.

However it doesn't change the fact that once you are considered an Elite you are going to be looked at as an Elite, its inevitable. So I still disagree with you behaving a certain way. We all know stardoll gave you title, but if you make an accomplishment as big as this blog has become, you're going to become an internet celebrity.

Its sad really, but even though they shouldn't, as you said, users will latch on to you, and any other Elite for that matter. Its the same logic as the preteens who become obsessed with real life celebrities, striving for a life or accomplishments that seem impossible, wanting something better than what we have is an inbred desire and it doesn't go away, especially on the internet. Even I have been caught up in the swirl of things as I'm sure everyone at point has.

I will admit that my blog might be harsh, and it might anger people. But sometimes to get people to wake up and to stop a vicious cycle drastic measures have to be taken. If this is the only way I can attempt to stop what we both seem to hate so much, then I'll do it, and whether I make enemies or not, it really doesn't matter to me. Because in the end whether you disagree with my methods or not I'll continue doing what I'm doing as long as I believe theres a chance I could be effective.

prima.princess said...

I have been bullied on stardoll & I guess most of us have been.

This is disgusting how ppl do it to elites for popularity or any other reason. Actually it doesnt matter who it is, bullying is sort of a 'crime' in my eyes. Disrespecting anyones feelings & ideas is one of the worst things one can do.

This shows about their nature. They aren't mature & generous enough to respect anyone. Or simply jealous enough!

So, yeah. In short, I totally agree with you.


lindamissanto said...

Jenna stop lisent to them,I'm 11 years old and trust me i know what are you saying, if you make them important they achive what they are looking for,and the bullyng on stardoll it's real but i don't mind even on real life when someone try to make me feel bad about my self or say something mean like on SD on my GB i just laugh any time when someone write on my GB always say thank's or LOL!! or have a nice day :D beacuse it's just bitter people or jelous people so who cares about them?? just ignore them and let's be real they just wanna be known on SD even on the wrong way
anyway keep with your awesome blog and being you =D xoxo!!

Natoustars said...

I'll try to read it because I'm french x))I'll comment after ^^

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

To be honest, I try to treat 'elites' the exact same as I would to anyone. I believe everyone is equal, regardless of their status.

And those people who are leaving hate comments anonymous, they obviously must be scared to say it on their real blogger account. So don't critize someone if you cannot even have the courage to do it on your real account.

Natoustars said...

Ooh I'm shocked :o ! Why people are so bad ? >.< I totally agree with you. When you have a lot of persons who are talking to you in the chat, you can't answer all... And after they say : "Ohh you'r" bad, f*ck u --'" pfffff.... I don't like that.. Maybe you become an elite because you're just famous, with lots of Rare clothes are something like that, I don't really know this face of stardoll. Maybe your Stardoll life is quite hard, but for me it's amazing :) It's great to try to help people like this. I hate bullyng on stardoll, it's stupid ! >.< Some people forget that Stardoll is not the real life, and they make you more important at their eyes, that's why sometimes, I've had some arguments with girls for nothing --' !

To finish : Sorry for my bad english, maybe you don't understand all my message, but I tried my best ^^.

Cutiepie80 said...

Jenna,That was Beautiful *Wipes eyes*

Ramona D said...

Actually,I quite admire you,because you're not like so called "elites".
It looks like you really try to respond to everyone,you're not ignoring someone just because isn't popular or stuff like that,even it takes much time.

BUT YOU ARE AN ELITE,that's it,you can't change it,your popular so the haters are atacking you.
Stardoll it's a mad word,everyone wants to be popular whatever it takes.

And of course,the one who criticize you are the ones who wants to be like you,and they are doing that for popularity

bellajella1997 said...

Good topic to be brought up and well said.
I find, that being 'elite' is gained through achievements, not nastiness, and that some 'elites' are humble, and others not.
We are all human beings. There are non-'elites' who are sour and nasty, such as few 'anonymous' commenter's displaying this above. And then there are that are not taking this opportunity to criticize at a far extent(I hope that sentence made sense, I couldn't think of the word).
We all have our personalities, with the 'elite' label or not.

Unknown said...

I have to say that I just agree with everything you said. :) I really hate this new era on Stardoll that includes those 'elites'. I remember 3, almost 4 years ago when I joined Stardoll there were only SS and NS members and now there are 'elites', 'royalties' and what not. I just think it's sad that people feel they can bully others, what gives them the right?? No one can and never should bully others no matter if they have maybe more money or they are more popular than them. But I think we all should start dealiing wth this and I suggest that we all ignore those jealous people who bully others. They'll get bored very soon and stop with it. ;)

Anonymous said...

WoW! I've read all the post! I hope that people start to think about what you've wrtitten.
I'm not so famous like you, but I know what it means receiveng lots of requests, being pester by other members in chat who ask you everything about your life, who want gifts ecc. It's very annoying and frustrating...I don't like the label "Elite" too (it also used by stardoll in stardoll royalty club), we are all the same, even if I have a diamond or a star or nothing on my doll! People don't think at this. When people talk with me and say "wow..I'm talking with wounded90!" I say "and so? i'm a normal girl who like playing on stardoll.

You are so kind! It's a pity that some of the members take advantage of your kindness and don't understand that you do all these to help people and to have fun!

miley said...
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allyguapa said...

OH! I can imagine that at first call people`s atention feels god, but all the excess is terrifying, because not all of them have good intentions, specially if u win a price or u have a lot of stuffs in stardoll. But I want to recognize that u r refreshing a new cncept: "virtual bullying". That`s new we have to pay attention not only in stardoll I mean, in ur face, mail, any where. If this continue in the future internet will be like out to real life watching out all the time of not been scamed, steel, violence, etc...
Think in a virtual world like that.. Do u thing is fun??
We will have children in the future, how do u thing to protect them? we are the future and if we no stand to each others and support ourselves and make bonds against this "virtual bullers" what do u expect the future will be?

allyguapa said...

girls and boys please help to stop virtual bullying maybe now is not impotant cause is not hapend to u, but what is it does? what do u do? I`m sure that u will expect a little of support!

miley said...

Sure! All what you say is totaly right. Everyone on Stardoll can be whatever they want they can be a Princess or Qween etc.. but that does not show they really are. No matter what people do or say just be your self. I learned so much from you Jenna! and til now i think you are my "exemplar" and i syill ike you! But the popularity is something amazing but in the same time it is sometimes DANGEROUS!

Teo / Botsy_pink said...

I agree that we are equal. And that ppl are just jealous.

Teo / Botsy_pink said...

I agree that we are equal. And that ppl are just jealous.

FarihaMaree said...

Everyones equal in everyway. A small diamond or star next to someones name doesnt make any difference whatsoever. I just think that some people get mad when royals and superstars dont reply to guestbook comments or dont respond to friend requests. And when they do that maybe some people think that royals and superstars think theyre all that and are to good for everyone else. And also what id like to say is that its a VIRTUAL GAME ! people shouldnt get mad if someone virtually looks better then them or virtually has more clothes then them. People should just appreciate what they have, I support you jenna.

Anonymous said...

Dan writes for your blog so I would like to see what he thinks because people told me he quit stardoll and blogs for 5 months because of bullying and girls trying to contact his friends on facebook and lies people told about him so his story would be very interesting

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said...

I agree. Everybody is equal and should be treated equally.

Amy said...

What's wrong with telling your opinion? You (Anon.)are doing it too. So let Jenna have her opinion and keep yours for yourself.

Amy said...

@ third comment btw..

LaFee-supergirl said...

Yeah, well....
I wasn´t bullied so hard, yet. Thanks god! But always people are jealous of someone and then they have to be rude to them, why?!

Erin said...

In my opinion, I think that ALL 'Elite' blogs should be done away with. That means all of the ones with 'Elite' in their title (Ex. Elite Fashion, Elite News/Network, etc.) This is the first step in stopping the cycle of people thinking that they or others are considered elite! If we stripped away all of those things that showed that some members are considered elite, maybe it would all just stop! This way, new members would not be exposed to the media which deals with elitism, therefor possibly doing away with it, since the new members now will one day be the old members.

These are just my ideas of not trying to fight it, but diminish it over time.


Tammy_01 said...

I love that you spoke out about this.. becuase some people see "elites" as celebrtities, like we have to praise them all the time. I don't like having the so called "elites" on stardoll, becuase they are just normal people... I think Stardoll should treat everyone equal and with respect.

Tammy_01 said...

Oh and I just want to say that those anynomous people's opinions should be heard as well, as a lot of people do feel that way, but I just wish they would have the guts to say it under a real (well, stardoll) name and stop hiding.

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

Yes.So will you think that I comment on this blog because I want to be on the top commenters or to win a 50 sd raffle or something like that?
I am here everyday because I apreciate you so much even if you do not have time to be here every minute and to give prizes to everyone that won something. I love this blog so much THAT'S WHY I AM STILL HERE.
Underneath stardoll -- i dont like that blog as i like this blog. that blog is working so hard on my comp, the layout is full of stupid things that not fit with their 'rang'. I personally think that blog is sucks.
So believe me Jenna. You are THE BEST just the way you are. Continue to be like this everytime.

Clairepop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Invalid said...

I totally agree ! This blog is amazing and the amount of work you put in to it is amazing. This blog has helped so many people and we should all appreciate the amazing work you have done to help so many people. Jenna you are a very kind and generous person so don't listen to the rubbish out there and just remember you are a good person and people that are saying things about you dont know you so they have no right to call you things. We are all equal !!!


Laura ♥ said...

Stardoll works just as the real world. There are people who are well-known, and others who look for attention. I believe that people who want to get there, admire the others who already got there. But others are simply jealous, so sometimes they come out and talk about these things. The elite thing is something old, it's everywhere. Stardoll even helped in this division, with the SS/NSS/Royalty thing.

People just don't understand what others go through to get there, so they try everything to go higher on the social ladder. Amen Jenna!

Exxa said...

Elite or Non Elite, lets face it, spending hours on stardoll instead of real, necessary school work is never gonna get anyone anywhere.
Which i dont go with the Elite System, as it isnt ever gonna help anyone :)

MissSophieDawn said...

i am an elite but only because i have been on the website shortly after it had begun, i have seen and experienced bullying on Stardoll, but the truth is, that is life, as long as you don't become one of them you are fine, as long as you rise above them, you are being the bigger person, the only reason they start these "anti" groups, is to get attention themselves because they are jealous that you have a popular blog. they are hypocrites and should not be given the satisfaction of you writing about them, so i think now that you have let us know, just ignore them and remember, you are the better person :)

sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

I completely agree with your arguments, I think you are probably the 'elite' I have the most respect for, you're not fame-hungry and you have made a huge contribution to stardoll, keep up the good work :)

Gintarė said...

Well I think it's stupid how people are talking sh*t about you when they don't even know you. I don't understand why they're doing this. I totally understand what Jenna means, and I agree with her. She's a really nice person, I have talked to her a few times in her guestbook and I'm happy she answers me the most of the time :)

Anonymous said...

Luluantu I can't believe you just called yourself an elite. Who the hell are you anyway. I have never even heard of you!

peacetrain said...

we should all be against elite bashing or anyone else bashing.

Alienpop said...

I totally agree with you! I am part of a group or whatever you want to call it online and I am bombarded with requests on it. Then people get all sad and pester me until I leave. So I actually partly understand how you feel about this. And great post! ;)


Cali_Beauty said...

I remember Dinah, she was very nice to me and helped me a lot. And so has this blog, it's been a pleasure to read and actually be a part of.
Don't mind what people say. After all, those who bully are just in need of some self confidence.

co0ol_soso said...

you right we are equal. and nice post :)
sorry for my bad english coz i am arabic

RobynisDreaming said...

That really touched me and I wanted to thank you for being so open about something lots of people pretend isn't real. You are such a genuinely nice person, I am seriously near to tears over how people treat you that way.
I honestly think you are a super person and that is why I asked you to model, not because of elites or money, I believed you earned it and your doll shows your true beauty and style.

I wish I could make people leave you alone and I would love to be able to thank you in person for being so caring to others and trying to help. I know it is hard to ignore it when people hurt/attack you on stardoll, blogs, life or where ever but know there are always people watching your back and who will always be your friends..



Ina Everdeen said...

I just see everybody the same, everybody basically expresses themselves on sd and it shouldn't matter if you pay for it or not. What I do agree on is that sd is just way too expensive, and it's just getting worse. I know this post is pretty old but I feel like it's still recently, because I still see these things...

Sapphire.Corele said...

I have been bullied on Stardoll before. It was on my older account, Wintergal3796.
This girl would call me names etc, because I had clothes that she didn't have and I was a higher level than her. So I was able to unlock the starpoint hair and a few items. I guess you could say her bullying was fuelled by jealousy.
After that, I stopped going on Stardoll and my account was deleted due to its inactivity. I didn't really care, because that account held a few good memories, but mostly bad ones.

So after many years, I created this account, Sapphire.Corele, because my friend that introduced me to Stardoll missed me being on. xD

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