Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let The Voting Begin..

It's your chance to place your votes for the Late Night Awards! So hurry nominate your favorite candidates now!

To place your votes, click here.


- If you have a blogger account, you must be a follower.

- If you don't have a blogger account, you can still vote but you must include your username.

- Don't ask for votes.

- You don't have to vote for every category, but it's recommended that you do.

The Hottest Male:
The Fiercest Female:
The Icon:
The Visionary (Creativity):

Stardoll's Super Model:
The Drama Queen:

The Socialite:
Stardoll's Cruella Deville:
Stardoll's Favourite Tranny:

Stardoll's Best Fashion Line:
The Ultimate Blog:

The Best Writer Award:

The Ultimate Magazine:
Cutest Couple

Best Friendship:


Tell us, will you be voting?!!!


Aly/xxxIreneLovexxx said...

I hate almost ALL awards.
Not because I'm jealous or I'm not voted for or that I don't win anything, (like that would ever happen anyways) its because the same elites almost always win and same with the famous blogs.
They do have talent, but its really unfair to those that aren't famous and have talent aswell.

I probably won't be voting.

iswim19 said...

I really CANNOT wait for this! I think Noelle did an amazing job with this graphic, it's stunning!

Definitely voting ;)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Definitely voting!! That graphic is amazing..!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


Anonymous said...

I am very dissapointed. Why (???!!!) on the graphic is the Oscar award? Noelle could make an award, not to copy the famous film award. It's... The award is nice (untill the head), but like this... Ugly! And Ally/xxxIreneLovexxx is right. The same people win all the time. It's useless. Not going to vote.

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