Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Dior and Marc Jacobs dress

Hey! Another freebie coming your way if you don't already have these!
If you are in Brazil, there's a scenery comp where you can get these 3 items FREE, one of which is inspired by Marc Jacobs, and another by Dior. If not follow these these instructions.

These 3 proxies are reported to work:
IP: Port:8080
IP: Port:8080
IP: Port:3128

And voila!

Be careful when using proxies - i cannot guarantee the safety of them, as i have not personally used them.



vpurple said...

I'll go try them now!

Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

i already have all :)
thanx anywayz

sd_is_da_best said...

Thanks I that marc jacobs dress it's beautiful. I might try them but I'm not the best with manual proxies....

ILoveWicked. said...

thanks for posting my post :D x

I love the Dior dress (: it's so pretty!

There's some reaaaally good freebies at the mo'!


Anonymous said...

I can't do manual proxies ;(
I have Apple (Mac), could anybody help ? :(
Or is there a "web" proxy ? Plzzz help :.../

But great post ;)

Melissakuh said...

I've had these items for such a long time!
But thanks anyway. It's great to have inspired by items for free! Because usually, they're more pricey than other items.

vpurple said...

The first proxy worked for me on Internet Explorer but it was quite slow. You just need to change the bit where it says:
after you've logged in! :)

& I live in the UK xD

♥ Αℓιcє said...

Thanks for the tip
I'm from Brazil so i get it for free with NO PROXY XD
The Marc Jacobs dress is sooo pretty
Add me on Stardoll: lilicapink21

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Yes I've had them for a long time too, but this is great for those who don't!

axwdrg said...

those proxies dnt work for me :(

Nikki said...

This took me quite some time to figure out! Every way people where saying worked for them, it wouldn't for me. This is what worked for me:

~ Internet Explorer 8
~ Address: Port: 8080

I could not directly go to the contest link, and then log in. For some reason this didn't work, nor did going to I had to go to Google, search for "Stardoll", click on the link to the website, and then sign in. After this I pasted into the address bar in Internet Explorer, waited for it to FULLY load (Maybe a few minutes time). I made a junk scenery entry, sent it it and TADA! I got the items. :)

nicole24-7 said...

Thanks so much!!
And thanks to vpurple too!

I got all three things!
And they're really cute :)

Catarinaa said...

It didn't worke for me

Jοαиιинα said...

Finally something free to Portugal :D i'm so' happy!!

Try to find a portuguese proxy :P


pinkpoppy212 said...

I really love those dresses, thanks :)

Rab92 said...

Pass, But Thanks.

Ps: The Orange Dress Is Gorgeous!

blueberry-dream said...

Thanks so much!

katara4 said...

i tried it, but this page didnt show up... just the normal comp page... :l
i'll try later again
thx anyway :)

Noulitsa said...


RihannyX said...

nice stuff, but i actually like the orange dress the most, but i already have it.xD

Caroline. said...

I tried with 5 diferent proxies but it didn't work. The pages just wouldn't load =(
Thanks for the tip, it was worth trying because those dresses are beautiful! <3

Caroline [crazycaz07]

LittleLadyJ said...

Aww I wanted these so badly but manual proxies never work for me

Moi. (: said...

They're gorgeous! :O
But I opened and then opened it again and found the normal contest page! :/
Silly me! ;/

ADJAJA/Anna said...

DARN! I already had the marc jacobs dress :/

It's going to drop the price...

b. said...

can you help me please? i click on the proxy links and I get to nothing :(

Jojalola said...

Can Anyone sell the orangedior dress my account is masilovesyou leave acomment if you are willing to sell it

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