Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cinderella Comp

I'm sure everyone knows there's a new Cinderella doll out for Superstars. I really love some of the clothes! They are fabulous and some are in starplaza for us! Yay! Stardoll is also holding a comp where you can win stardollars, so I decided to hold a dual comp here.

Dress up Cinderella, take a screen print and post the link and your Stardoll name in comments. Please make sure it is a large screen print and easy to see and put your stardoll name on the pic.

* Non superstars can dress up Cinderella where the enter for the Stardoll comp and take a screen print before submitting.

For help with screen printing see my starblog.

WIN $100sd

Last day to enter is Dec 9th!

Forever 21 dress

Elie Saab dress

Christian Dior dress

Christian Lacroix dress & headpiece

Louis Vuitton dress & bag

D&G outfit and shoes

Christian Louboutin "Ronda Dina" pumps

Credit: Seen on Stardoll for RL pics



Wenqi said...

im sooo in ill post my pic in a sec when im done

HAZ said...

My name in stardoll is pinkzira and it is at my album i tried to screen print it but cant so i put it at my album pls check and make me winner thx!!

emily_gurl7778 said...

I'm emily_gurl7778

ForeverSecret said...

Here is mine:


Wenqi said...

Here's mine
its not exactly as i wanted but there is some ruffles and pink and it looks pretty elegent so hope i have a chance

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Pinkzira, I will not check your album. You must be able to do a screen print sorry. It takes up too much time to go back and forth.

HAZ said...

ok i will try to do it
(my name is pinkzira)

cookie9988 said...

Here is my entry.
I put lots of efort into this so i hope that you like it. Good luck to everyone.


prima.princess said...

I am prima.princess (my stardoll user). & here's the link.

Heart Newbridge said...

Cool comp!

Here is my entry:


Anonymous said...

I am iluvshopping15 from stardoll & My contest entry is:

Fashion.Fantasy said...

Here is mine:

I'm Fashion.Fantasy

BabyDoll980 said...

this is my entry


katara4 said...

i'm in too :)

here's the link:

i hope you like it

Ameena said...

I'm in. I'll post my pic in a sec when im done.


ILoveWicked. said...

I love this doll (: her clothes are great!

here's my entry:


Anonymous said...
hope you like it!
my name on stardoll is K_E_O_S_H_A

Ameena said...

Here's my entry :)


graceless said...

here's my entry:

lizzie1393 said...

i'm in! =]

here's my link:

Miss_LolitaF said...

Jenna, as I am also in the judge comp, and If i win to be a jugde please dont count my entry:

Ruth said...

Awesome clothes.
it was very hard to choose them to make just one outfit [:

Anyway here is my entry:

Miss_LolitaF said...

Here is mine:

Muffins0012 said...

The Fashion Adviser said...

Here is mine:

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is my entry

Stardoll name is a15ha

Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

im in love with those dresses!
i might join :)
if i have time

Anonymous said...


So here's my entry -

I was trying to do something cute and couture ;)

By - LadyLiisu <3 :)

Caroline said...

I love these clothes, but I think they look best layered.
Here's my picture:

Caroline [crazycaz07]

Melissakuh said...

Can't wait to see the results! There are so beautiful clothes and accessories to make outfits!
Good luck, girls!


L.Buttly said...

i'm L.Buttly!

_funnyprincess_ said...

My entry:


Anonymous said...

That's my doll:

Hope you like it, bye bye ^__^

goooslawek007 said...

this doll's face looks like Jac Jagaciak...

hanastacia-M said...

I love the real shoes at the end!

bent-ksa said...

i'm in !
Here's My Entry:

Thanks !

SosoPrincess said...
Here is my entry! I went for a lacy look with my dress up. Great comp and a generous prize as always!
Good luck everyone!

sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

Great comp as always! :)
Here's mine:

good luck everyone :)

Rab92 said...

My Link:

Hope You Love It, Just Like Me.

I Tried To Keep It Fresh & White, Just Like Christmas.


pinkpoppy212 said...

Fun comp! Here's my entry:

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sorry that one was worng here is the actual link

26jen said...


Good luck everyone!

Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole said...

I'm nebrittashley

melinablogs said...

My name is Melina, and my stardoll name is MNTM.

This is my entry:

Here's some info about my materials:
I used a skirt, a dress, a bracelet as a shoe accessory, pumps, a black belt on the top of the dress, and a purse-hat. LOl.

I hope I do good!

Anonymous said...
this is my entry. I am stardoll user smartsuperstar. =)

Anonymous said...

My name in stardoll is yadhi124 & here's my entry:

dieBrInI06 said...

I made something, too:

Athena said...

OK here is my entry!

Athena said...

OK here is my entry!

Unknown said...

That's mine :)

I am Lady_Lola89 from stardoll

RihannyX said...

I'm in!
A simple but cute outfit for cinderella :

Unknown said...

Here's mine:

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Cool! I'll post my picture soon.

Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

I guess my outfit isn't the 'royal' type, It's more... how do I put it? Emo, I guess. Haha.

Emma said...

cool :) i love seeing which labels everything comes from!

melinablogs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ADJAJA/Anna said...

I chose to do something out of the norm. Most people would layer the different creme dresses together to create a longer, lacier dress. Not me.

Let's just say I don't go with "the crowd."


nicole24-7 said...

Okay! Here is my outfit:

Thanks! And good luck to everybody! :)

Caridie said...

Here is my entry:

Marykate said...

I'm in :)

Here is my entry:

Hope you like it. (:
I'm marikate14.


Anonymous said...

my stardoll name is bug1234567
and here is my entry :)

Unknown said...

just realised i wasn't signed in when i put in my entry :S sorry!
my stardoll name is bug1234567
and here is my entry :)

Katarina aka Dimitsuri said...

Hello, here is mine


Vicky/Vikusia13_2 said...

my stardoll name is Vikusia13_2

hope it is creative :)))

good luck everyone!=**

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