Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wow! Even more spoilers!

Hey everyone, sorry this may be quite a long post but it is awesome news! Stardoll have brought out even more spoilers. All these in one day? Wow. I hope you enjoy. :]
Can I say I am loving the different coloured funky leggings. They're awesome. :D And I really like the dresses, very floaty and summery. x
Jewelery, I love jewelery and these are fabulous. I love the orange and gold earrings and the blue and read earrings. They're my favourite from this picture. I like the rest too though. x
Wow! I love that pink and black top/dress! Its something I would totally wear...actually, I am wearing one like that at the moment. Haha (In real life! :]) And I absoulutely Love the orange accessories and the skirt too! Very Cute!
I am in love with this dress. Probably my favourite of all the spoilers. I just love the colours and it is just too cute for words. :] I would definately buy it. x
Ooooh, you can get the yellow shoes...but in green? Omg. I love them. So adoreable. I will buy all of the above. :D
Can I say O-M-G! Stunning. Absolutely genius! Stardoll, you have officially gotten better at graphics. :] Woo! I will be first to buy this! Haha. x
Hmmm...I like it, but i don't know if i could wear it on my medoll. :/ Its still very pretty though. Shoes <3 How I love them. They're all so funky! :D OMG. I will buy them all, and the belt. x
Do you like the spoilers? Tell us what you think in the comments. ;] -Ciara.


ILoveWicked. said...

Wow! i love the purple dress at the top, very summery!

Also love the green, white and brown one, really like the design!

I love the black + white one too! i just love the pattern!


ILoveWicked. said...

Some of them look like the new Vivienne Tam collection :)


AnnA-twilighter said...

Where do you find them all?

Sara/cutie07392 said...

I love most of them!
My fav would have to be the pink and black tunic/dress/shirt.
(idk what it is exactly :])

Anonymous said...

You Said Omg. & So Did I.
Not Only Is The Silver Dress Drop Dead Gorgoeus, But The Shoes & Bag... Offt, Wow.


Anonymous said...

One word isn't enought to describe all these dresses *.*
The graphic is wonderful..
I want the long dresses!!!!

MollyMasquerade said...

The silver dress looks very similar to the dress Cheryl Cole wore on x factor last year, (I think at the final) here are some pics:

I believe it is from Julien McDonald's Spring 2009 collection:

Glad I could help :D
please credit me, MollyMasquerade, if anyone uses this info on their blog :)

Ameena said...

WOW! Stardoll have really stepped up their game haven't they?


Ciara said...

I know right? I am so excited.

Its top secret Anna. ;]


wwediva224 said...

OMG....we are so being treared

Unknown said...

A lot of the new dresses are Balmain's and I just got an idea:

Mabye were getting a new real brand and it's Balmian.

OMG that would be totally amazing!


Kkiby_Cristine said...

stardoll did a very great job!

Paolapaopao said...

The purple dress rocks!!!!!
I love it!
I love all the different colors in all of these spoilers

Fashion.Fantasy said...

That green dress is Balmain :)

Anonymous said...

Wow i love it, i sure i buy, so fashion, so fresh and modern. Filipinhamaria on stardoll.

Kc said...


colleenp87 said...

I'm in love =)

Except, sorry, but I hate the bandeau top with a strip of fabric attaching to a skirt dress. I think it looks very cheap and not highly classy.

Madeline / VballGirlie2695 said...

Some of those spoilers are gorgeous!

farahsaleem said...

I simply LOVE the dresses! But unfortunately, I'm not a superstar and I have a feeling they are for SS only.

Unknown said...

Wow all are gorgeous. Stardoll is upping their clothes which is superb! I hope the dresses aren't too expensive =S
Thanks for all the spoilers u have brought to this syt! It gives us some things to look forward to.

katara4 said...

i love the glitter dress, the bracelet and more..
there are quite pretty!

Olly1602 said...

they're totally awesome! I'll buy some of them ;)

Olly1602 said...

The long navy dress is inspired by Matthew Williamson's Spring 2009 collection:,0,34

the black & celadon is inspired by Hussein Chalayan:

blue leggins are from Eley Kishimoto collection:

thanks to breathless.magazine.stardoll ;)

tasha said...

Where do you find spoilers? Why does it have to be a secret.

Wickeed_ said...

Oh Wow!! I love the purple dress!!!Where do you find the spoilers??

Ciara said...

Lol. Its not a secret, stardoll have this flash player or something where you type in a link and search for them.

I will post them all anyway so it would be less hassle for you instead of looking for them yourself. :]


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