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It's that time of month again (I know so fast)! We will once again be searching for our June Cover Girl. If you are interested in being our cover girl, here is what you have to do...Create a scenery as if you were posing for the cover of a high fashion magazine. (Think about the different sceneries created for Mel's Top Models)

~You do NOT have to save the scenery. You can create it and do a screen print.

In the scenery, you must be wearing an outfit that includes at least 1 hb.
(It must be CLOTHES NOT bag, shoes, jewelry or accessories etc..). Also it is helpful if you have a BRIEF profile or bio on your presentation or in your starblog.

in comments. List the link to your sceneries. Make sure you enlarge the picture so it is easy to see. Be as creative as possible. Sceneries must be created before June 12th!

First Name:
About you: (What you look like, Interesticing facts, family etc..)
Fav Designers:
Fav Movies or TV Shows:
Fav Music:
What you like most about stardoll:
Most Valued Stardoll Item:
What you want people to know most about you:
Why you want to be cover girl:

What you get:

Manager of the club for 1 month
Guest blogger for 1 month
$200sd gift code
All HB's released for the month of June!
$50sd worth of furniture gifts (your choice)
On my BFF List (which I do alot of advertising so hopefully they'll visit you too :))
Featured in the blog
Judge for comps

*prize not awarded til after your month. If not participating in judging & blog $50 or gifts may be given instead.


Dylan/ nArUtofAnAtic9 said...

Username: nArUtofAnAtic9
My Scenery will be Saved, and labeled as CG Comp :D
And my Bio is on my Profile!

mimi.v said...


Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

im in!!! stardoll name:lillyandmile
scenery:in my scenerys names JUNE CG(hbazaar)


colleenp87 said...

My scenery will be saved on my profile!


Anonymous said...

My username on Stardoll is: McrRocksMyRadio

My entry is:


Paolapaopao said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-Bunny_ said...

name -bunny_ scenary name posing for a magazine

Clarissa Tee. said...

I'm in my sd username is Dramagyrl2 and I will save my scenery :]

Sammie1123/Sarah said...

Im so in!!! Heres the link:
And it is also in my sceneries!


The Bio is in my starblog!!!

Abb_kate said...


Username Is Abb_kate
The Scenery Is Called June CG Hotbuys Bazaar Comp

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, & i forgot to add.
My bio is on my profile.

_kool_kat_1 said...

my scenery is on my stardoll _kool_kat_1 and my bio is in my starblog thanks for the awsome comps!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Good luck to everyone :D
And totally unrelated to this post but... OMG the new moon trailer on your blog I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE i just saw Rob's face and my attention wandered to the right column of the blog :D x

Unknown said...

I'm missing out on this one ;) I'm just sitting back and watching all the possible contenders! Wow June CG already?? Time flies by when ur having fun eh??

Hayleighxspidersmurder said...

my nickname: hayleigh1998
my scenery name: for a comp
and my bio is in my starblog

katara4 said...

i wish you good luck :)
i wont join this time..

farahsaleem said...

I am totally in!

Here is my scenery ::

And my bio is in my Starblog! I'm mannymonkeygirl.

Daisy April Smith said...

Wooh, what a fun competition :) Here's my entry. I couldn't save it on Stardoll, so I've made a print screen:

My Bio is in my starblog (or will be right now)



Anonymous said...

im soooo in!
name: cgal
will be in sceaneries
bio in blog!

Kkiby_Cristine said...

fantastic,i'll work on it as soon as possible^^

Madeline / VballGirlie2695 said...

Hi I am VballGirlie2695 aka Madeline!
My brief bio is in my starblog and here is my scenery pic...

Great thanks!

Lucie/lgap said...

My username is: lgap
The link to my scenery is:
But you can also see it in my sceneries.

Aquafabulosa said...

Im in
Stardoll name: Aquafabulosa

Anonymous said...

Hi! :]
I'm in!!




My username is _funnyprincess_

babii-mariex said...

I'm in [:

It's the scenery called 'Spring Photoshoot' on my page.

My username is Babii-Mariex

Hope you like it!

My presentation has most of my facts, if you want anymore, just ask.

Paolapaopao said...

Ok my name is Paolapaopao in stardoll


and my bio is in my presentation

Dylan/ nArUtofAnAtic9 said...

Hi :D
It's nArUtofAnAtic9 again, sorry but i forgot to wear an HB, so I made a new Scenery

So here's the link:

BTW- My bio will still be on my Presentation!

_kool_kat_1 said...

hey entry is done it's called: hotbuys bazaar comp!
My theme was GEMS & JEWELS hope you like it
P.S my hb was the feb purple skirt

puppyagata said...

im in! my bio is in the starblog and scenery on my stardoll!

chicky357 said...

I am in my scenery is in my scenries or its at
the questions are in my starblog i think its under may covergirl entry

xOX chicky357

Maryam-jan said...

Dear Blog owner,
i want to enter this cool comp. to be the June Covergirl.
I have made a Scnerie with one of my fave hotbuys dress.
Here is the link:

I hope you like it. You find my biography in my Starblog or on my blogspot

Love mayam-jan

Anonymous said...

IM IN!!!!

User: x_tammii3_x
And my scenery is in my scenerys on my page xxx
and i have wrote a paragraph in my starblog too

MollyMasquerade said...


My Bio is in my starblog, but its split into like 3 parts... so start reading at "Biography For June Covergirl Competition" and then go on to Part 2 & Part 3 :D

& here is my scenery (it has been flipped to suit the size of a magazine cover, hope thats okay :] )

The story behind the image:
The scenery/cover I have created for a high fashion magazine is quite contemporary and new, which many recent fashion shoots I have seen are inspired by and based around. In the scenery I am wearing quite a modern dress which is layered with many hotbuy skirts and dresses, but the most visible is the striped swimsuit - which is the main focus of the dress, along with the hotbuy skirt. I think the top of the dress, which is made from the Inspired by YSL dress is very futuristic looking. I am also wearing a head accessory and in my hand, holding a mask, which is about to be thrown into the flames. This is quite a personal reflection, as my username is MollyMasquerade, a masquerade being like a masked ball, and it shows me taking off my mask and sort of revealing the real me to the club, judges and perhaps even to myself. It symbolizes that the magazine image shows the future, the masks are off, and real fashion and emotion is revealed, and that there is more to the picture than just the clothes.

Anonymous said...

My username is: Olly1602
The scenery is saved on my stardoll profile and labeled "Hot Buys Bazaar club - June Cover Girl" the hot buy used is december's '08 skirt (worn as a dress). the scenery was inspired by one of Kylie Minogue's X photo shoot.
My bio is in my stardoll's presentation.

Julie said...

Username: Julieroxx143
My scenery is Saved , and it's labeled : Hotbuys Bazaar.Comp June
My Bio , is at the end of my Profile!
Check out my suite!
I hope I get voted.
Good Luck to all of you guys!

Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

Hello! My username is hip-hop-girl123. My bio is in my StarBlog and my scenery is completed. <3

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