Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Game of Luck - Top 8 + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 8

Welcome back to The Game of Luck! 2 weeks ago, a major shock took place as out of the blue, 4 contestants were eliminated, which brought us our TOP 8 contestants out of 20 who started the season!

Well, after the crazy elimination we had a poll to see which 3 of our TOP 8 had the most fans. Lets find out!!!

Well, CosimaSaskia, OUR VIEWERS HAVE SPOKEN! CosimaSaskia pulled in 23.08% of the vote, and also scored herself 25sd worth of items from her WISHLIST! It also looks like you guys want to see Anya-Samantha, and Gold3Silver make it to the FINALE! WildChrissie, and Judith_25 seem to have a lot of fans as well!

Now, lets get into the elimination!

The first Contestant safe this week is....

CosimaSaskia well, you have had a great week! Congrats on your second first place!

The next contestant safe is...

Judith_25 Well done! You are safe!

The next contestants safe are...




Well done to you two!

The last contestant safe from elimination is...


Unfortunately that leaves Anya-Samantha, ItsEtiosa, and Gold3Silver left. Only 1 of you will be saved to hopefully win 600sd, or 3 months SS!

The last contestant saved this week, and will be entering the SemiFinale of Season 1 is....

Anya-Samantha, last week we saw that you had a huge fan base in the comment section, so I am glad that they can still support you in this contest!

Gold3Silver, I pegged you as a one of the contestants to make it to the finale at least! I am really sad to see you go, and I thank you SO SO SO much for playing! 
ItsEtiosa, I think you were one of the contestants who did so well, but NOBODY noticed it! I really enjoyed having you in this season! Thank you!

BOTH of you won 40sd worth of items in your WISHLIST!

To our TOP 6, next week 3 of you will be eliminated. That is our SEMI-FINALE week, After the elimination I will announce some other prizes!

Till then (Wednesday August 30th), have a GREAT week!

XoXo Roxy


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