Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sit Down with Rachel

Hello dolls

Welcome to our first Sit Down where we get to know you a little better. 

Our first guest for this new section is Rachel. She is one of SMW's most active members and the winner of MeDoll of The Month. You can find her posting her OOTD's religiously or over in the CHAT section being friendly with everyone and having gif and meme wars with Jane. 

Can you tell us who you are?

Hi I'm Rachael, 18years old from France, 100°/° Black and proud of my African roots. I speak fluent french and I try my best with english, not easy but learn each day something new :).

What got you into stardoll?
It's my cousin who got me in the stardoll. She loved that game, and seeing her log in each day, buying stuff, trying to decorate her suite made me want to try and here I am "addicted to the shopping side of the game" xd.

How did you decide on your username?

As you can see, I was not very inspired when I created my doll's username lol, just added "Cool"before my name because I love saying "cool" until my mum told me she'll slap if she hears that word again  xd. Now I kinda regret it when i see all those funny, weird and unbelievable usernames on stardoll.

What is your favorite part of the game?

My favorite part of the game are: 1) Chatting with friends,mostly about stardoll releases (what to buy or not; complaining too xd); 2) Doing club competitions ( i get bored very quickly so the only thing for entertaining myself is doing competitions or cycles); 3) Buying stuff mostly on main bazaar (God help me🤗) and it's very hard when you don't have more SD to buy what you want :(

Your must have item in game?

My must have item is headscarf/headwrap/turban or hat, I just love them in RL and I've found some here in store and on main bazaar and trying to collect them and maybe who knows I'll achieve my goal (trying to collect as much as possible)

How has stardoll impacted your real life?

The positive side is that I'm learning english xd, most of my friends here speak english and sometimes it's hard for me to talk too much with them xd. I'm more open-minded about peoples' choice, ideas and life. The negative side is that I spend less time with my friend :(

Are you in school?

I just got my final exams, here we call it "Baccaleauréat or Bac" so next it's university (hourray) and i've chosen "Communication and mass medias" so i think we'll start with the basics and after one year we have to choose what we really want to do in the future.
(I hope i understood your question)
What are your 3 summer things? 
  Traveling, Eating, Sleeping

Who or what inspires you?

My mum inspires me the most, I love her, love her strength, her kindness, she's always there for us and others. She's the fashionista in the house xd and she's the best in the kitchen. I hope, I'll be like her.

Your favorite fashion brand?
I don't have a favorite brand because I think that each of them is unique, creative and original. You can find that in the colors and material used and the results. So if it's unique, original or weirdo lol you got my approval :)

How did you end up in SMW?

My dude Jane aka Lolitka1444 got me on SMW, she told me about the blog and i was like " I can't find it on stardoll xd" and she gave me the link and now I spend most of the time there  :)

What's your favorite competition on the blog?

My favorite competition on the blog are giveaways and competitions when we get a new release. I think I've never won the Comp part xd but I like doing that, too much fun :)

Your favorite section of the blog?

My favorite section is "the chat" xd and I'm happy that Jenna added it, posting our OOTD or doing comps is great but it was not as fun but now with the "chat section", we talk to each other, meet new people, have more fun too

Anything else you want to share with us?
Sorry for my english dude, and thank you Jenna and judges for picking me to be the "Member of the month" of the blog. I still don't believe it

Thank you Rachel for the interview, you were amazing.
Also huge thank you to Jenna for giving me this opportunity. It is great to be a part of the SMW staff. 

Until next time dolls. 


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