Monday, August 7, 2017


Happy Birthday to REGIKENNETH97!

This blonde beauty is from Mexico and has been National Covergirl 4 times. Bravo!

Stardoll member for 7 years and wants to be a lawyer.

Anyone who likes Jared Leto, Horror Movies and 80's Music can represent me!

Went through Kenneth Artega (user name) 's Storage and found some totally diverse pieces. 

Love that! 

Must have had a sweet fashion room as there were loads of shoes, perfumes, furniture etc.

Peeked in Regina's closet and found these gowns and couldn't resist 

putting these Kimono's over them.

Will you join me in wishing REGIKENNETH97 a Very Happy Birthday? 

If you would like to visit and write something nice in her Guestbook, the link is below. 

Leaving a gift would be kind of you but not mandatory.


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