Monday, August 14, 2017


Happy Birthday to Bella / Exabella! 

Bella has been a member of Stardoll for 6 years. She is a Level 118 and Royalty. 

Works full time and travels on the weekends, 

when does she find the time to play? But glad that she does. 

Look at this Fendi room. So neat and organized. 

She can see exactly what she has. Love all those cute key chains!

Next room. Bam! Designer dresses. 

Such gorgeous pieces and what good taste. 

Think of a Designer she has it. 

Love the Vivian Tam dresses. Never see those in the BAZAAR! 

Literally got lost in there lol 

Last but not!!!! Gorgeous black shoes!!! 

These must be her favs since she put them on pedestals! 

How many of us have a shoe fetish? 

No matter how many shoes we have, 

just that one more black pair 

that has that cute buckle on the side 

and that great heel (drooling) 

oh forgive me got lost there. 

Back to lovely Bella.

So please join me in wishing Exabella a very Happy Birthday! 

If you would like to visit her and write something nice in her guestbook please do. 

The link is below. 

Leaving a gift would be kind of you but not mandatory. 


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