Friday, August 11, 2017


Hello everyone!

As some of you might know (or not), I've spent few days in Vienna last month. Before going, I was really excited about seeing the Zoo, but I'm also happy when I see some great art and interesting architecture :) 

Looking trhough all the photos I took in Vienna and other European cities, I got an idea for a competition.

Create an outfit using architecture as an inspiration. You can create in suite, scenery or shop, whatever you want. 

Your inspiration can be anything: famous building, style of architecture, a quirky house you once saw and was all covered in vegetetation ... 
You can take this literally or just take inspiration from colours, shapes and forms or the general idea of a style you like. The choice is yours. Now let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Post your looks in the comments with your Stardoll username. 

Here is some help for you: Inspiration board with some photos of architecture/architectural elements I took on my travels to European cities :)

Win 50 SD 
(The amount given can vary depending on the number of people that enter)

- No phothoshop


PS: This is what I meant when I said you can create your looks in Scenery or in your Suite
(This was my entry for a competition back in 2015)

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