Wednesday, August 9, 2017



Chosen by the Random Name Picker (so all have a chance to win) 

dddirnenos entered both days and created a make up look also.

She wins 50 Stardollars!

Next we have my favorite pick because this doll really captured Andy Warhol. 

Also posted it on INSTAGRAM where it stood out among all shares on Sunday, Andy's Birthday.


She wins 25 Stardollars!

On to Make-up 

This doll had the most up votes and artistic make-up. 

RIOT / TiffanyMays 

She wins 25 Stardollars!

Stardollar Winners, If you are Superstar please place an item in your Bazaar 

for the prize amount for SMWPRIZES doll to buy. 

If not place one (1) item on your wishlist. Reply here when you have done so.

Everyone who did a make-up entry will win a wishlist item of 10 Stardollars. 

Please place an item on your wishlist and reply here when you have done so.

They are, in no particular order

JudyellaFairy, booklover29, CoolRachael, whatsernam3, ann_devil & strobarycake

There were so many wonderful creative entries I wish I could gift everyone! 

Thanks for your patience while I learn my way around the computer. 

Also Mad Props to the other writers and moderators who have influenced me and made my posts better.

Until next weekend ♥Aonuk♥


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