Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Chosen by Random Name Picker is Emily Erdbeer/Strobarycake! 

One of my favorites also because of the interesting stories she wrote 

along with her Monster Creations, I was so happy she was picked. 

Read them below.

The Jazz Never Stops

The old abandoned locale "Pristine Magdalene" is said to be haunted since that terrible incident, that terrible fire, that consumed everyone that night.
Nobody knows how it started. Some claim it to be the work of the devil, because of that damned boy. That terribly talented boy. A virtuoso on the saxophone.
The story goes around that he had made dealings with the devil and he came to get his reward, but he refused to give it to him. For this indiscretion he cast fire to consume him, to consume them all. A very believable story, if one is aware of the fact that, the "Pristine Magdalene" survived the incident almost without a single scratch. Images show only the ashes and burn marks of where the people stood, when the flames consumed them. It's as if they didn't move a single inch, when they slowly burned to death, but witnesses from back then can still remember the agonising screams of those so unfortunate to enter the locale that fateful night. On the spot where the boy used to play his saxophone, there's a blood red stain, that refuses to go. The former employees would try to clean it, but the stain wouldn't budge. When they thought that they had cleaned it all up, they'd look away and to their surprise, when they looked back it would be there again as if nobody bothered to clean it. FRESH, as if someone had just been killed right on that spot. Some claim to have heard whispers say "leave" after seeing the stain again. Others claim to have been scratched or slapped if they even tried to clean it. This and other eerie happenings after that night, made the "Pristine Magdalene" what it is today. A haunted place, sometimes misused for ritual sacrifices or other devilish doings, or as a place to spend the night to prove that one is not a wailing coward.
People who dared too do so claim to have seen mysterious apparitions in the corner of their eyes, hear strange sounds like the cackling of flames, voices, screams, get scratched, punched, slapped and to hear the distant sound of jazz... Ghastly jazz

It's late, so I sadly don't have much time to write up a story for this one.
Short: A voodoo priestess, who had to fake her own death to be left alone by other voodoo performers threatening her life, because she performs white magic. (In case you don't know: White magic = for good, grey magic = neutral stuff. Doesn't benefit no one, but doesn't harm at the same time, black magic = the BAD shit) The salon she used to run on the side was also where she performed her rituals, helped people, healed them etc, is now no longer run by her, but by her followers, but she explicitly told them not to continue the voodoo bit, so the building is closed at night, but enemies sometimes try to smash shit up and/or desecrate the ground or uneducated fools like to occasionally go there to spend the night, wanting to be daredevils and taunt some spirits or taunt hers, so she likes to play a little prank on them. To those, who seek no harm, she appears in white and kindly tells them to leave (usually spooks them enough to do the trick) and to those that do (like her enemies), she appears in black and smacks their asses voodoo-ghost style.

Most Up Votes were a tie with 9 votes each



The other two dolls I chose were for their stories and their doll's faces

Dollwars34, she had such a great time writing her stories...they were really scary

Uitsili, The Rat Queen was incredible! 

Go back and read their stories, if you would like.

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You have one week. 

Thank you to all that entered. Wish I could award you all. 

Try again next weekend. And if you have any suggestions about future themes, 

please post them here. 

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