Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Game of Luck - Top 12 + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 7

Well, we officially have hit the halfway mark of SEASON 1, thank you for everyone who has taken interest in this series! I am so glad, I was scared people would find this ridiculous!

To the top 12, I wish you all the best of luck, and I am sad to see 2 of you go today!


12 contestants are left to test their luck, but only 10 will be left standing after today! As the pool grows smaller each week, it gets harder and harder to stay in this competition!

The first contestant safe is...

ItsEtiosa, congratulations! You have made it to the top 10!

The next contestant safe is...

Gold3Silver, so close to getting called first again!

The next contestants safe are...


CosimaSaskia, at the top still!




Congrats! You are safe! The next contestant safe is...

WildChrissie, well done to you!

The LAST contestant safe from the bottom is...

Anya-Samantha, what a save!

Okay, I know I said 2 people were leaving, but I think we need a shake up because its the halfway mark of the contest!

Cami-Camilla, CoolRachael, VivianIvy, and xXSiaXx

I have have created a wheel, and the wheel has the numbers 1-4. To make it more fair, there are FOUR 1's, THREE 2's, TWO 3's, and ONE 4 on the wheel. What ever number it lands on will dictate how many of you will be leaving us today! It could be one of you, or it could be all four of you!

So, who is safe? Who will continue on to hopefully win 600sd, OR 3 months SS?

The wheel has landed on...

Wow, so unfortunately we say goodbye to all of you!

Cami-Camilla, you have had an UP and DOWN time on this show, and you have come so far!
VivianIvy, this was a shock to me because you have never been near the bottom at all this season!
xXSiaXx, I pegged you as a possible winner so it's definitely very crazy to see you go!
CoolRachael, just last week you were called first and now you are leaving us! We never know what the game will do, and this week, it was a HUGE SHOCK!

Thank you guys SO SO SO SO SO much for playing! You all get up to 30sd of items in your wishlist's! Thank you so much! I love all four of you so much! Unfortunately, you luck ran out!

To our TOP 8, we are just 3 weeks away from crowing our  SEASON CHAMPION! All I can say is, get ready for such a crazy ride!

Here is this weeks Callout Order.

ALSO, for the readers, we have a poll of out TOP 8, choose the three you think will make it to the FINALE!


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