Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The winner of our WINTER WONDERLAND themed Weekend OOTD, 

chosen by the famous Random Name Picker is...


sarah_1980 please put something up for sale in your Bazaar for 50 Stardollars, if Superstar, 

for our SMWPRIZES doll to buy. She needs some clothes and shoes 

so if you could put something up that you no longer want that would be awesome.

If you are not Superstar, place one (1) item on your wishlist up to 50 Stardollars. 

Comment here when you have done so. 

We also had some incredible backgrounds behind the entries. 

gold3silver with her falling snow

The always popular janedoee83

CosimaSaskia for this creation

And cute TiffanyMays with her pets keeping warm!

These four win a 20 Stardollar prize. Follow the rules above to claim your prize.

♥ One week to claim prizes ♥

Hope everyone had fun. There were so many I wanted to award. 

Special Mention: Sumandark, Whatsernam3 booklover29

 Remember you can always suggest a theme you would like to see. 

Until next weekend... Take care of yourself, no one else will!


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