Friday, December 9, 2016

November 2016: Hotbuys Recap with The Stylish Stardoll Sisters!

If you haven't seen SSS yet, they have released their November HB's Recap and I have posted it below. 

If you are featured, you qualify to choose 1 November HB gift of choice. Please comment below with your choice within 2 days and make sure it is in your WL.

If you already have all the November HB's you want. You may choose something else $30sd or less.

#1 - Porsche inspired aviators: amaia_estebanez
#2 - Yellow silk camisole: GoldieMememe & whatsernam3

#3 - Platform tennis sneakers: wonderfulvogue & whatsernam3

#4 - Embroidered pumps: Vogue_veronica & Marta-43
#5 - Cashmere melange sweater: giannoula5 & nadinha306
#6 - Slinky dress: ashleybaby93 & pArAdIsE_134
#7 - Gold link choker: amaia_estebanez & GoldieMememe
#8 - Camouflage bomber: Marta-43 & lolitka1444
#9 - Stone washed mom jeans: NickyMinarsch & JaneDoee83
#10 - Designer woven handbag: Vogue_veronica 

See you back in December!


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