Friday, December 2, 2016


***Please have some patience with me. I know I am behind. Unfortunately, I am out of state for the weekend and will not have much time for catching up, but I will do my best when I have the chance. Another downside is that I don't have my beloved desktop and I'm on my crappy laptop which I never seem to know how it's going to behave! So, I will do what I can!***

While I was travelling to Ohio, Stardoll released the Tis the season shop!
I m not hearing too much excitement out there, but what do you guys think of it?

What are your favorite items? 
Be sure to tell us in comments and we might give it away in our 
12 days of Christmas GIVEAWAY (coming soon)!!!

Personally, I LOVE Christmas! 
It's definitely one of my favorite times of year! 
One of my favorite parts is the decorations!

(Now you will have a while to participate in this comp, so don't panic!)

I need you guys to put me in the spirit and set the scene!

Create you're on Christmas inspired room all decked out for the holidays!

~You can use someone else's suite if you don't have any decorations. Just be sure to let us know the name of the user's suite you used.

~You can also use a scenery (if possible).

~Post your pic in comments along with your Stardoll name. 

If anyone has a lot of decor and Christmas decorations, please leave your name so that those who need to can have a few suites to choose from. Thanks!

WIN $200sd or SS code!

Ends Dec 16th, 2016

12/2/16 5:31pm

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