Sunday, January 16, 2011


The HB Feather Earrings are now in the Starplaza!
 Selling for $8, I think these are really cute and I like the coloring. They are inspired by Topshop! No surprise there. Stardoll has long loved this brand and we are use to them bringing us unique ideas to glam up our virtual wardrobes. Too bad they are not for Non-SS's.
Earrings by Topshop 
(Thanks to our Media Partner Hotbuys Addicted)
Will you be buying them? If so what do you think they'd go perfect with? Tell us in comments!
Thanks Bella_rox985 for the tip! She wins $25sd!


natasha-rox286 said...

They look ok.
i might buy them


anaKonda said...

Already did!
Think they're awesome :)

bella_rox985 said...

I bought them! check out what I'm wearing with earings!!

chocolatofreak said...

Ooooh cute (:
I want them hehe.

omg seriously, Stardoll needs to like make it where we can like sell accesorries.
I would like buy so many things lol (:

Sierra Lang (iswim19) said...

Likin' em!

MonicaMillgram said...

They're really nice, I'm buying them :)

Lemy100 said...

yep. i love em' :)

peacetrain said...

nice earrings think they go with a boho outfit.

Rab92 said...

Yeah, Their Lovely.


Miss M said...

They look cute :3

marymoo said...

Cute :D
I agree with a comment above ^^
There are so many accessories I like but can't have :'(

Oh well, I'm glad Stardoll take items inspired by Topshop, since Topshop is my Favourite Store :D

xXCO-COXx said...

gorgeous, i love them! wearing them now :) xxx

Mihaela said...

They're great!

bracken1234 said...

I Got them and I LOVE them :D x

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said...

I love them. I will definitely buy them.

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