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Hello readers. A new week is here, so I'm here with a new post. I'd first like to thank you for all the amazing comments and suggestions. They've meant a lot to me. If I didn't recreate the celebrity you suggested, don't worry, they're still on my list and I will eventually recreate their look as well. For this week I decided to do something little different. As a great fan of Who Wore It Better challanges both on Stardoll and real life, I've decided to do my own version of it. It also gave me the oportunity to recreate four looks instead of two and I must admit that I loved that. So here are celebrties looks recreted by using one same item on both. Hope you'll like it, and be sure to tell us in comments Who Wore It Better in your opinion.


Thanks zhan-zhan and Venus for their suggestion of celebrities.
For the first look I tried to recrete looks of Kate Moss and Nina Dobrev. Kate Moss is a world famous model and I personally like this look of her because she looks elegant, but simple. As for Nina, I'm sure many of you are or were fans of The Vampire Diaries. Personally I've watched it and liked it until somewhere in the middle of fifth season, when I finally gave up. As for Nina's look, I love that's it casual and relexed. You may notice the different wig on my doll, and that's actually my I'm wearing a hat look. I've never been a fan of hats on stardoll and I decided once to challenge myself and put the hat on my doll, so I actually went through all stardoll hairstyles and checked how good they looked with a hat on, and this one turned out to be my favorite. It does look like Nina's hair, so it gets an additional bonus for that. I actually used three freebes for these outfits, even tho this is not the only free or coins items look. The boots are Barbie freebe, from not so long ago. The coat is facebook freebe, and I'm not sure, but you might still be able to get it. The hat they're both wearing is an Academy freebe. Sparkly heels are recent hotbuy and I apsolutely love them. The necklace is also a hotbuy and Bisou was it's original store, but it was released again in the HotBuys Store. The dress is for stardollars and can be found in Plaza, as well as the vest on Nina's outfit. Thights and shorts can be found in Plaza and they're coins items. The Rio shirt is a coins item and it can be found in the Bazaar or won on the Vote. Personally I love that shirt, so I used it, but you can use any other black shirt you have. I didn't add the bag on Kate's look, since I don't own it, and I'm not sure if it would fit on the Stardoll version, but if you want the bag, Inspired by Channel Bag that was first in Decades and then in Callie's Picks is actually the exact bag Kate is wearing.


Thanks Ms.Brigitte and Juliette116 for their suggestions of celebrities.
For the second look I tried to rected looks of Blake Lively and Miroslava Duma. All of you probably already know who Blake Lively is and you saw her either in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants or in Gossip Girl. If you're not so much into the world of fashion, like personally I'm not, you might not know who Mira Duma is. I must addmit that Duma was probably the biggest surprise for me among the suggestions. I googled her, since I didn't know who she was, and I was stunned by her awesome style. This freelance writer won my heart with her outfits, and don't be too surprised if you see her outfit recreted again. As for the looks, you may notice that my doll is back to her original hair. No more I'm wearing a hat look. The items I used for their outfits are again all either free or for the starcoins. The tunic that they're both wearing can be found in Plaza and it's for coins, and I didn't like it at first, but now I wouldn't mind wearing it like Mira does. Jeans and necklace that Mira is wearing can also be found in Plaza and bought for coins. The boots are not in Plaza anymore, but you can either get them on the Vote, or buy them in Bazaar, and same goes for the blouse. Bag, leggings and heels on Blake Lively can be found in Plaza and bough for coins. I have to say that the heels I used to recrete Blake are one of my favorite shoes on Stardoll, and they are sure worth 53 coins they cost.

I'm still open for the all look suggestions you have, so if you have any suggestion be sure to tell us in comments.
I also really liked MissLadyAnjah suggestion to do pairs, but I don't have any male clothing, and Starplaza doesn't really offer me a lot of choice, plus I'd have to change my doll a lot. Therefore if somebody owns a male doll with a bunch of clothing and are interested in helping, please contact me either in comments or on Stardoll. You will not have to do recreations, nor to give me a password or anything. All you'd have to do is let me use your doll as a model and maybe remove all the piercings, tattoes and any other stuff from the parlor that goes over clothing. 


Jenny-boo/lahurina said...

I love it,especialy Kate Moss ;D
Really adorable,keep on like this!

Jenny-boo/lahurina said...

OT but New Splendid is out!
Price range from 6sd-16sd,some decent pieces

Anonymous said...

I really like these posts. The Blake Lively one was probably my favorite. ^-^

♡ Hemmo1996 ♡ said...

This is a nice post :)
The outfits are pretty spot on!! :3

zhan-zhan said...

thanks>>> for including my suggestion in your GET THE LOOK. Edition I really ;love Kate moss..

bella98twilight said...

wow amazing job!

emma.watsonfun said...

All the looks are wonderfull especially the first!

Sapphire.Corele said...

Love Kate Moss and Blake Lively's outfit! oqo
Do Kristen Bell and Lana Parilla! :D

ilgd/Ino said...

Beautiful outfits! You did a great job recreating the looks :) I especially like the kate moss one!

Sapphire.Corele said...

And also Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison Please! (´・ω・`)

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

AWESOME! I love these so much. Kate Moss! <3 Lovely outfit and I love the use of the Sweater. It's such a cute Piece. I got lost in season 5 of TVD as well and it hasn't gone up on Netflix so I've just held off on watching it. Also the Spin off, The Originals seems a bit more.... adult? So I've watched that instead.
Loved Blake Lively's outfit! You make the outfits too perfect. :) Lovely!
I have a couple of ideas:D XD (I'm running low because everyone suggests such awesome people!)
One of my favorite YouTubers - Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl on youtube)
Also I think some J-Law would be fun to do XD
Lovely posts! <3 Can't wait for the next one!

dodomatrix said...

Great job.....i really like them

you.sra612 said...

for the first look, i prefer Kate Moss and the second Miroslava Duma.
For street style, you might also like Christina Centenera.

amy235 said...

Good job! The outfits you created look amazing, even better than the original. You should try to recreate the outfits of Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, or Kylie Jenner :)

Kavina said...

Cool post nice job of recreating the outfits! :)

MissLadyAnjah said...

Guess I forgot that "little" detail - Stardoll is very limited when it comes to mens clothes, few choices and nothing that really stands out...pity...!
Loved your choices and how you recreated them. Loved Blake Lively which is more my style ;p
My suggestion for a celebrity look...maybe Olivia Palermo :)

Andrew Vanwyngasm said...

Great outfits, I love Kate Moss's look :)

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