Saturday, August 23, 2014

Guess the Designer - August 23

I was amazed by how quickly you found almost all of September's hotbuys! Respect to you, I had time to find only one haha :)

Here's Guess the Designer to keep the real life craze going :D It's been a long time since I last included shoes in this game. Personally I don't like wedges, but these look great, especially in real life.

Post the REAL LIFE PHOTO  and the DESIGNER'S NAME in the comments. 
Please DO NOT POST LINKS, you would lose your chance as first while waiting for an approval.
Since this is a quick game, the fastest person WINS THE SHOES.

Miss.Privacy had the right guess with Gucci, congrats! :)

Please remember:
~ You can participate only once a month to give other people a chance as well ~
~ Don't forget to leave your Stardoll Name
~ You must be a follower (Click the join this site button on the left side bar), a member of our club Hotbuys_Bazaar and have registered/signed in the chat box.


meherafarah said...

very naci

_inda_ said...

Azzedine Alaia i think
Stardoll name:_inda_

you.sra612 said...


Ms.Brigitte said...

Yes it is, congrats! Please put it on your wishlist and contact Jennarox4eva, thanks :)

Katy February (katy4february) said...

Dear moderators, sorry for OT, but I am participating in Launch My Line but I can't send my present for Step 2 because the e-mail doesn't exist! What should I do?

Ms.Brigitte said...

I'm sorry but only Jenna can access the comments on that blog, you should contact her personally about the issue. Or you could try with another email/disqus account and tell her about the change.

JanaStarlite said...

Congratulations on finding Gucci shoes so quickly! Those wedges are pretty cool, both the SD and the RL.

dodomatrix said...


you.sra612 said...

Thankyou :)

you.sra612 said...

Thankyou, got lucky i guess :)

you.sra612 said...


you.sra612 said...

do you mean your e-mail? or do you mean the e-mail to send your entry to? because if you mean the last one, the entry rules changed and you now need to post your entry on the smw competitions blog. Just click on the Launch My Line part:2 thing on top of this page and it will explain it there. Hope this helps.

Kavina said...

Congrats they are pretty shoes!

JanaStarlite said...

I have no clue as to how you did this, so I am very impressed!

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