Wednesday, August 27, 2014


(image credit naaruu from the USD comments)

There are spoilers for new Callie's Picks. Lot of these items are from previous MSW stores, so I'm quite sure that that was inspiration for the these Callie's Picks. By the number of the items, I'd say we'll have at least two floors. Do you like anything? Will you be buying?
Personally, I can't wait for the store to be out. I love so many shoes and cluthces. I'm also wondering why they didn't include more green items (only 5 or 6), since that color is theme color of the MSW this year. 


Lady Miss Lahurina said...

Nothing from the MSW stuff I have so I'm okay with it.
I just hope that prices aren't astronomical

_inda_ said...

YEs, i can identify some last year msw dresses, don't see any hotbuys.

bella98twilight said...

Well I was kinda hoping that stardoll would re-sell some old rares but I was wrong :/

Juliette116 said...

I hope they'll relase white vest from 1st MSW collection, which I missed before. ;c

Kavina said...

Oh i see some MSW items...

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