Monday, August 11, 2014

HB Woven Ikat belt released (UPDATE)

The belt is out in the plaza, it's selling for 9 stardollars. Click HERE to have it in your dressing room. 
It's inspired by Mara Hoffman :)

How do you like it? It's cute but definitely not a versatile item.
Show us how you would style it, I will feature 4 outfits in the post ;)

 Joe412 and whatsernam3

 1sesy98 and

Check out Inspired By for more Subcouture and LE inspirations! 
I also started to rediscover older collections like Tingeling and Decades, and there's more to come :D


Seems like Stardoll has forgotten to release the Subcouture interior, now it's available for 38 stardollars.



Kavina said...

Here is what how I styled it!

whatsernam3 said...

that's how I would wear it (: it's a really cute belt imo c:

emma.watsonfun said...

It's a beautiful belt!
That's how I styled it

JOE412 said...

Well well weel.A nice colorful belt. but a bit expensive for such a small things.
Its short for me, so I layered 3.
Here is mine :P

1sesy98 said...

Nothing to do ahahah user : 1sesy98

JOE412 said...


Jenny-boo/lahurina said...

It's not so easy to wear,to bright and colourfull.....and the price :P

MissLadyAnjah said...

This has to be one of the most ridiculously insignificant HB's I have ever seen!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont really have an opinion on this belt... I'm just going to pretend this hot buy didn't happen and wait for the next one. :p

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

Just wanted to let ya'll know that yes, I am Iggy Azalea!

amy235 said...

The belt is quite cute. I really like how Stardoll maintained the same colors as the original.

zhan-zhan said...

the new subcouture interior was great for the SMW design comp.. isnt it?

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