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During the last few weeks, you've probably came across one of these videos in which people are dumping buckets of ice water on their heads. Maybe they made you laugh, maybe you haven't even played any of them, perhaps you thought it's just another trend across the internet. If you were interested enough to dig deeper, you've found out something way more meaningful and important than it seemed at first. You've learned more about ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that 30 000 people suffer from only in the US.

Today it's more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, as it ended the career of one of the most beloved baseball players. ALS is a neurodegenarative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Eventually brain is not able to control movement of muscles anymore, and as muscle activity is progersivly affected ALS can lead to being completely paralyzed, and it also affects breathing. Patients lose the ability to walk, talk or even breathe on their own.

Currently there is no known cure for ALS. As only 30 000 people suffer from it, large pharmaceutical companies are not investing billions of dollars to find a cure, as it would lead them to no profit. ALSA is an organization that fight ALS on every front and supports finding the cure. Thanks to the campaign and ice bucket challenge they made more than 88 million of dollars has been raised, comapred to the 2,6 million raised last year. What is even more important millions of people world wide have learned what ALS is.

We would like to show you one more video. It belongs to Anthony Carabal, a photographer who is diagnosed with ALS. First his grandmother, then his mother and finally him have been diagnosed. At the beginning, video starts funny as he dresses in a neon bikini and does the challenge, but then he explains what ALS is really like. Please, if you have time, watch his video. He'll explain how much all of this actually means to patients who are diagnosed with this disease and what their life is like, more truthworthly and better than we can.

We are aware that most of people use Stardoll and this blog for the purpose of fun, and that these kind of posts are not what you came for, and we are very sorry if this disturbed you in any way. We also thought that this was more than worth showing. Knowledge is the most precious treasure in this world, and even when we don't like what we learn, it makes us a better person.

Thank you for reading this artice,
- LadyAnneLena and Ms.Brigitte


PixiCat said...

Thank you so much for making this post. I had watched Anthony's video before this, and I learned so much about the disease. I can't believe that companies still aren't investing in finding a cure, but I really hope this enables people everywhere (including here), to donate. Please, dolls, if you can, try to donate even $5 to something very real that is affecting lives negatively instead of buying virtual clothing. If you cannot, then spread the word about what ALS actually does, and encourage other people to donate to the organization that is helping fight this since pharmaceutical companies don't deem this as a good way to lose money. You could help save a life.

Sorry if this post seemed like an advertisement or something, I just feel very passionate about this subject right now.

LaraLiCoco (Soo Ann) said...

That's Right. In my Country, South Korea... Now a Man can't Move His Self, And He Didn't knew he was Going to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge" ! He wasn't Warned, So I Just started an Ice Bucket Challenge (To Me) Last Week, As "ElrubiusOMG" and "Holasoygerman" Ps: I just Learned Spanish Long time ago, And i Like it. German did it Nice But ... If he just Got Hurt? ElRubiusOMG did it Well Because he did it on a Shower, Not with a Bucket. Here in South Korea is Too Hot, So i guess no One will Have that Disease. But that Man, Get hurt. I actually did it with My Friends, But no Ice in the Bucket. Just Water, A bit cold... But not too Much. Thanks for Making this Post!

BerryLolitta said...

Thank you for this post girls, we need posts like that every now and then on the blog. I personally have watched Anthony's video for the first time! I couldn't watch the whole video it was very tragic, I just cannot imagine any such thing happening to my loved ones and it is very upsetting what people ALS histroy in their families go through. All I can say is my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are affected by the disease

bella98twilight said...

Oh my god, I am in tears.. I wish from the bottom of my heart that they find a cure. Respect to this guy for making such a touching video, I really admire him, he must be a person with a lot of courage. Congrats also to the writters of this blogspot for creating this article.

Lady Miss Lahurina said...

Oh my.
I didn't even knew what is ALS,and now...I'm so sorry with those families.
Tho the post made pretty upsett,I totaly understand it.It opened my eyes.
The disease sounds so......I can't even describe it.I hope they find a cure,a medicine,a therapy for them.

Thank you for writing this post Brigitte&Milica,you opened eyes to many people.

JanaStarlite said...

What a beautiful post, y'all. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.
ALS needed this attention, as you so eloquently have pointed out.

Juliette116 said...

I've read about it before. Sadly for many people it's just some kind of fun/fashion etc. As always when I hear about some diseas without any cure for it I pray for someone 'll find it. Hope after this "campaign" ALS will be more known, more scientists will try to find some help for the ill people.
Btw nice to see that kind of posts on a sd connected blogs, just to "open eyes" for a real problems, that there are more important things that 1st LE etc.

dodomatrix said...

I really appretiate ur effort in doing this article...its my first time to hear about this....nice job

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

Thank you so much for posting this! <3 ALS is a serious condition and even though there is a positive twist on it, There really isn't enough info about it. I don't personally have ALS (Wouldn't that be a kick while I'm down already with Wegeners) or any family, but my heart goes out to those who do. It's Not fun to be stuck with any condition... I loved Anthony;s video.
It's true, people doesn't want to see weakness, and depression and illness take it's toll, or people who will make them sad. People see it, and pass it by, shed a tear and forget. I really hope that the money going out to the ALS foundation (am I right on the non profit name?) help people treat it. It's terrifying to have an illness, but for their to be nothing you can do? Nothing your family can do? It's making it ten times worse. <3
My heart goes out to those who need it. I love you guys so much. <3

📖📚 ᎶᏒᎪᏟᎬ📚📖 said...

I've very glad that you've posted this. I've seen a lot of videos and even was challenged to do it myself. Many people don't know why they are doing it and think it's just for fun.

Modmayhem said...

I heard that there is an all natural diet, that includes coconut oil as a main component that actually reverses ALS, from what is being said ALS has no know medicinal cure. I'm totally for bringing attention to ALS, it's horrible. I can't imagine knowing that you will be stuck in your body. However, someone did some research into the ALS organization, and found that salaries of the people in the organization actually equals more than what Research gets...I find it saddening that finding a cure for this horrible sickness receives less funding than the salaries. For that reason I didn't and probably won't donate, I did the challenge because I believe in bringing awareness.

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

Hey, just wanted to comment to mention that while ALS is definitely a disease we should be raising money for, and charity is always a good thing, that certain charity does test on animals. If you're interested in donating (and if you can, I really suggest you do), make sure you research the charity first! Most of the money from this isn't even going to research anyway, it's going towards things like lawyers and salaries. There's plenty of other charities that are much more deserving, at least in my opinion.

Anyway, hopefully my laptop will be fixed soon. I really miss commenting on here. Hope you have all been doing well :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but we have some new things in spectacular. :p

sdoreymenano said...

Bravo girls!! Wonderful post!!

emilynicoleee (SD) said...

I think a lot of people are much too worried about the idea of a social media craze and not longer into the bigger picture, that every cent really does matter. ALS was not getting the same funding before this and even if it seems kind of ridiculous, it has been very widespread. So much money has been raised and the people effected by this are deserving of that.

you.sra612 said...

It's good that there is more awareness of this disease at the moment and i hope it is not just a hype for a few months until everyone forgets about it again. Also there are so many good causes to donate too, it's hard to choose when you don't have an unending source of money.

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

You can change that though by donating to another charity that puts more of the donated money towards helping the victims and towards research.

emilynicoleee (SD) said...

to each his own :)

mailgirl101 said...

Okay, okay.. I think they donated A LOT of money for this cause but, let's get real, we could invest that money in many many different charities and researches. I think it's great that people donated, although it was just a trend for the most part and the ice bucket challenge itself was taken out of context and was totally unnecessary. Majority of people don't even know the rules for the challenge, as they don't donate to any charity and just care to pass this trend along. Also, barely anyone explains what ALS is when they make their ice bucket videos.
Seriously people, I think we should think straight and not give into some widespread internet trends.

Green_Eye_Angel said...

I totally agree. From the go the idea was original and it attracted a much needed attention to the people with ASL and their families. Unfortunately too soon afterwards the Ice Bucket Challenge turned into a PR stunt and then a trend. People just pour water all over themselves in a cry for attention. Saying that I don't mean just vlogers but public figures as well - last week one Bulgarian ex-Minister posted a video claiming it was a campaign for the children with altruism*. In all fairness, he meant autism**, which is still quite different from ASL.
I aplaud the actions of Charlie Sheen and Patric Steward who proved that you can help without making yourself the story.

Aside from that, this is a stunning post and I'm proud that SMW has once again shown that this community is cultured, informed and compassionate.

*altruism - the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others.
**autism - a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

I just checked and only 21% of donations are going to actual research/patients. That's horrible, but as with most charities, I'm not surprised.

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