Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Otto is out :]

Finally the new OTTO collection is out.
Why I say finally?
Because it was in spoilers last year, many days ago, and only now stardoll seemed to remember to release it :D
 As you know shop's only seenable for German and Austrian members,
so if you don't live there but want to check the collection
Made the print-screens with thanks to one of our amazing followers who told this proxy: Port 80

Anyway collection as usually is mostly for non-ss,
only about 12 items are ss only. 
The most of clothes are for casual style, but I guess
everyone can find something for their stardoll wardrobe.
Prices are from 4sd for accessories to 14-16sd for dresses.
I must say not very cheap, but not very expensive either

Here I made collages with some Real Life versions I found from otto.de:

So anyway what do you think about this shop?
Are you buying many or just few?


Anonymous said...

Do you have a proxy please?

Anonymous said...

When I saw the pictures, I thought there were some amazing clothes but now I only like the wedding dress and the purple dress...

And they are expensive -.- Not sure if I'm going to buy them.

Anonymous said...

These are the proxies for germany today 4/01/2011 - port 8080, port 8080, port 80. The 3rd one worked for me it's very fast & I saw the shop. I haven't tried the other two but they should also work. I used firefox.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much worked for me too and its fast :)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Oh, WOW! **
This is gorgeous! Love the white dress in the first pic <33

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Take it back. Doesn't look as nice on my MeDoll. :|

.emma.x. said...

yeah stardoll certainly took their time in bringing them out!

Anonymous said...

there are some really nice clothes in this shop. i'll spend all my play&earn money for my favourites =)

_JolieAnn_ said...

i love the big white dress and the black ruffled dress. both on the first picture :)

pnkrkgrl said...

The OTTO ruffle skirt looks sooo much like the DKNY ruffle skirt!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

I actually really,really,love it!

Natoustars said...

I bought 13 items, I ♥ this collection so much !

chocolatofreak said...

"last year"

That makes it seem like a year ago,
but no,
it was just like a week or two ago lol.

I'm about to go buy some stuff (:
I really like the Otto clothes

Michaela said...

There are some really nice stuff like the lace legging and purple ruffle top and the mickey t-shirt. Personally compared with the prices for some of the things stardoll stardoll been releasing recently,the price for these are decent.

Anonymous said...

i cant sell le antidote and rares and other dress and more

whats going on???

just me or....

if you look your bazaar and dont sell please write...

please help??

what is that??

not sellable all

Did you experience this problem you??


miley said...


PhotoMio said...

The clothes are lovely! But I live in Norway so the shop isn't avaliable... :( Proxy

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