Saturday, January 15, 2011

90 million members on Stardoll

Just few minutes ago stardoll reached
90 million members
[I must add the number keeps growing, very fast] 
CONGRATULATiONS stardoll, I guess (:
Only why we have no celebration?
I mean nothing free, no campaign/lottery, not even a letter, no Yay we got so much members, reached new goal and so on :S

Haven't they (stardoll workers) seen the number growing,
or just the staff  is having as usual weekend free,
so there isn't anyone making/giving anything?
There even hasn't been anything in spoilers too that would go for such an event :S

But well I truly hope that they have just
forgot or
not noticed or
not able to do anything at the moment.
Not that stardoll isn't doing anything for this :S
That wouldn't be nice. Truly.

Anyway what do You think about this?
What are You expecting from stardoll this time? 
What would You like to have as special 90 million giveaway?


.emma.x. said...

They had a little contest on twitter for people to guess the time when they reached 90 million:

Anonymous said...

90 stardollars would be great ;) but I know that I'm dreaming.. maybe free clothes

chocolatofreak said...

Each like time they reach a new goal, we should get that like amoount of money.

So like 20 million - $2
30 million - $30
40 million - $40

And so on and so on (:

So this time, we should like get $90 lol.

Hehe, if not, there should be different lottery dresses too (:

Elle said...

I'm voting free stardollars!Free clothes wouldn't go amiss.
Can't believe I've been on stardoll since before they were at 1 million!

Dimitrina Beckham.♥ /Anilavi said...

3-4 hours ago they was 89,989,733 :D

natasha-rox286 said...

Haha yay
i remember when there was like 10,000

i agree with chocolatofreak
that would be cool if they done that

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

Lol. Nothing free? no money? nothing?

Natoustars said...

Maybe Stardoll is waiting for 100 million members to give gifts..

Rayko said...

I am sure thet will give something free...Some horrible stuff as usual...

chickorange said...

yeee i hope somethings there otherwise they are plain lazy :(
and yeeer it would be soo cool if sd gave 90 sds to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

The way you put the post seems like you don't appreciate the work that people behind stardoll do... maybe a bit of a celebration is required, but I'm very grateful for the opportunity of being on stardoll anyways :)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

It'll probably end up coming out late...again. Hope it's something nice this time though...

Anonymous said...

They're upset about the new i-dress up. The new features were copied from stardoll & roiworld (just like stardoll copied them)& it's all free. They realise they've got competition.
90 million?? A lot of members sign in for a few days & haven't come back in months, some members were created by stardoll admin & those who have deleted & left stardoll are still counted. I wonder what the real figures are....50 million? That's still a lot though.

Stylachica said...

The Stardoll staff should work on stardoll ALL the time because it is their JOB!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for how many members there are because probrably at least half of these accounts are multiples! Don't you think almost everybody made at least 2 accounts? I know I got 7 accounts or so wich I barely use anyway!
And that is exactly what will happen if they start giving out money to celebrate the number of members. People will just make more accounts to get money.
Stardoll is not stupid, they know this. Why do you think we just get t-shirt and a balloon..!

♥ Cata.marquesa said...

They should give us something free, great clothes, Stardollars...Stardoll is also made by us!

Congratulations to all :)

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


Anonymous said...

Probably out tomorrow -Monday- because they are probably on their weekend break. They're people too.

Jojo/Sugar_98 said...

Yay 90 million!

Jojo/Sugar_98 said...

OMG I-DRESSUP IS LIKE THE COPY OF THE OLD STARDOLL I SWEAR!! With the pick a style, its like old stardoll but crappy!

26jen said...

Frankly, I don't think they will give anything worth anything. They get members anyway.

Yes, I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't been on in forever. I just get caught up in the web of life.

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