Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New Floor of Mr. + Comp!

A new floor of Mr. has been released. Prices range from $6sd - $24sd with 2 starcoin items.

I don't generally buy too many male items because my doll is female that is... until I start seeing all you other creative girls make amazing outfits with them and then I want them! 

I will say that I really like the Pringles top it made me smile. Ahh childhood memories ;).

What item can you see buying for yourself?

I love to see a masculine item that a girl has used and put a feminine touch on. 

So... Choose at least 1 main clothing item (not accessory) from the new Mr. release and create an outfit adding your own feminine flair!

WIN $50sd

~Post the pic in comments
~Can be made in Starplaza
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Item is the focus point of your outfit so it must be well seen.
~Ends Sunday Oct 7, 2018

By Zara


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